How to Make Playing Aion Turn into Huge Profit

Aion is a MMORPG released by South Korean developer NCSoft on November 25, 2008.  As with most MMOPRGs, Aion is set in a fantasy realm where characters battle it out with the environment in order to gain points.  However, Aion is also considered as a PvPvE type of game wherein players not only battle NPCs and mobs, but also other players.  Aion has a rich backstory or history that unfolds as one starts the game.  In the beginning, there was only one world, Atreia, ruled by the god Aion who also made guardians called Daevas.  These Daevas were winged beings that stood guard over Atreia until the kingdom was split into two.  From this split emerged two different races, each with a belief that the other must fall.  Players can select from either of these races and from 16 classes in order to play Aion.  Though winning the game is the main objective, one should also strive hard to earn as many points as one can in order to level up.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how one can earn enough points when playing Aion.

Step #1:  Go on quests.

NPCs are also rampant in this MMORPG.  Complete a number of tasks in the shortest time possible to receive rewards such as valuable items, experience points, and enough credit to change your wings.  Aion is a flight-themed MMORPG and one’s prowess is gauged according to the type of wings one has.  Aside from points, quests also sharpen one’s skills in fighting and flying as well.  Once you complete a number of quests, you can be able to glide through the next levels with ease.

Step #2:  Enter the abyss and capture castles.

The Abyss is a place in the game where players are pitted against other players (but of different class or guild).  Here, one can earn points by the number of opponents one slays.  A tip for garnering the most points is to target the unprotected players of the opposing guild.  Even if these opponents are no match for a skilled player, they can still garner points to advance your mission.  Once you capture a castle, you move closer to winning the game.

Step #3:  Practice your profession.

Another means of earning points in this game is by practicing what you preach.  Suppose you’re a mage or a priest who can concoct spells and potions to revive or buff the power levels of other characters.  You can earn extra cash or gold when you hawk your services to those who need it.

Step #4:  Sell ingame gold for real cash.

You can earn back the money you spent on game cards for Aion and so much more if you sell your ingame points for real money.

There are people who may just not have the time or the patience to gather skill and gold the conventional way and are just willing to pay for someone else’s gold.  Look at the current pricing trends these days to get the best deal or affiliate yourself with sites that sell gold and plat accounts of MMORPGs.

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