How to Make Money with RuneScape

RuneScape is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that can be played for free or for a premium.  Premium players get a number of upgrades, which all contribute to the depth and enjoyment of the game.  Did you know, though, that you can actually make real money by playing in the virtual world of RuneScape?  Read on for a step-by-step guide on making money by playing RuneScape.

Step 1:  Learn how to gather in-game resources.

The first step to making real money through RuneScape is to amass in-game wealth.  You don’t necessarily have to be the richest and the most powerful character on the server, but it helps to know the different ways of gaining wealth in the game.  From buying and farming and selling items to thieving and merchanting, you can definitely make loads of in-game currency to “finance” your business.

Step 2:  Learn about the economy.

The second step is to learn about the economy and how it works.  Just like most other MMORPGs, the economy in RuneScape is a mix of non-player characters (NPCs) and player characters.  You can trade your items and money with entities controlled by the game (NPCs) or other players just like you (real-world people).  Aside from trading directly with other characters, you can also set up an auction stall or you can buy and sell goods on the Grand Exchange.  Apart from making in-game currency, you can also sell your money and items in the game for real-world currency.

Step 3:  Finding the best auction places.

By far, the largest and most well-known auction place is the Grand Exchange in Varrock.  The Grand Exchange is a persistent market area where you can post goods that you want to sell or buy goods from other players who have posted on the exchange.  Because it is a persistent market, you can log off or continue to play RuneScape and the items you posted on the Grand Exchange will still be up for sale.  Aside from the Grand Exchange, you can also set up your own auction stand.  It’s advisable to make your stand at large cities, like Varrock, which people often pass through.

With all of the ways that you can accumulate wealth in RuneScape, it’s not very hard to become a millionaire in the game.  You should remember, though, that it does take some time and effort to make the most of RuneScape market.  Try to evaluate all of the ways that you can make money and put to use those that best fit your style and personal preferences.  Whether or not you plan on making real money from your in-game items and currency, you should be aware of rules and regulations like the End-User License Agreement (EULA), which outlines some of the terms of agreement when you subscribe to and play RuneScape.

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