How to Make Money with Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online is a massively multi-player online role-playing game that is set in an alternate future of the Earth.  Familiar places such as Rome, Sapporo, America, Germany, and China are incorporated in this game though each have differing time periods occurring.  Players can choose among nine basic weapons which will define their character.  Weapons are classified into melee, ranged, and staff.  In Atlantica Online, players can expect to be put up against other players or against the environment and NPCs.  To get around Atlantica Online, one should have the adequate skills and the sufficient money.  Just like how money buys one’s freedom, abilities, and necessities in the real world, the currency in Atlantica Online also helps determine the players’ fates in the game.  There are certain actions that can only be performed if a player has reached a certain level or number of gold credits.  Here is a step-by-step guide which can help players gain gold in Atlantica Online.

Step #1 – Join battles and quests.

In Atlantica Online, players can earn a lot of credits from joining battles and quests.  These quests are often moderated by non-player characters or NPCs in the personas of famous figures in history such as Charlie Chaplin, Shakespeare, Henry Ford, and Beowulf among others.  Once you’ve completed a quest, you get a reward such as a certain number of gold points or items that you can use in the future.

Step #2 – Practice your profession.

You can make a killing by practicing your profession even in Atlantica Online.  If you’re a skilled swordsmith, you can make swords or weapons and sell these to others.

with powers leaning on the magical or shamanistic side, concocting potions and spells can also be a lucrative way to earn gold and other items.  If you can’t use the items that were given to you, hold on to these and wait until you get to the next town to sell these in the trading posts.

Step #3 – Buying cheap and sell ostentatiously.

Entreprenuerial skills are also must-have abilities in the world of Atlantica Online.  Scout town markets and trading posts for items that you can buy cheaply and sell for a much higher price.  For those who have seemigly worthless trinkets equipment, jazz these up with herbs and other raw materials that you can buy from the pharmacy so these can sell for a more substantial sum.  Conversely, *take apart some of the cheap stuff and extract only the valuable parts and components to sell to the apothecary, to NPCs, and even to other players.

With enough patience and determination, you can use your entrepreneurial skills to your advantage and make more money with Atlantica Online.  Aside from being a fun and exciting experience, playing Atlantica Online can also be a lucrative one.

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  1. Here is an article with an inappropriate title. It should be written as, “How To Make Money in Atlantica Online” rather than putting “with” because this shows how to make money (real-life currency) while playing Atlantica Online. Criticism Aside, Atlantica is a fun turn-based MMORPG, which people who liked games Star Ocean, Grandia and Final Fantasy should also find a liking to. The turn-based system of Atlantica Online which is inclined more towards strategic planning rather than plain old hack-and-slashing makes it a fun and challenging game, which could hide the fact that the game pretty much still has some tricks up its’ sleeves. Like for example, is the Jackpot System, the average gamer does not know about this but those who know about it have gained lots and lots of profit from abusing this system.

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