How to Make Money Just by Playing RAN Online

RAN Online is an MMORPG that gamers call “campus-based.” Unlike other games that usually take place in fantasy kingdoms and in between guilds, RAN Online is termed campus-based because the battle happens between warring universities and schools.  Players can choose from the three different schools of characters – Sacred gate, Phoenix, and Mystic Peak.  A fourth school that’s used to be part of the highly respected row of schools, Leonaire soon succumbed to the malevolent forces of the outside world, turning its students into the undead.  Instead of your usual knights and mages, characters are students trained to combat the undead from Leonaire and other NPCs outside of their own campuses.  RAN Online was first conceptualized in South Korea but has been widely played in many countries such as China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.  As with most MMORPGs, the objective is to level up and eradicate the evil forces, gaining experience points and gold as well.  These gold points are valued as the game’s money, and one can advance to higher levels and get more skills and accessories if one has a substantial stash of this gold.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to earn gold in RAN online.

STEP #1: Go on a killing spree.

NPCs are good sources of experience points as you get to hone your battle skills when you duke it out with monsters and other enemies.  However, aside from experience, you can also earn from slaying these beasts.  Quests often yield not only gold, but also other items of great value that you can either use in the future or sell for a high price in the market.

STEP #2: Be an ingame merchant.

A person with entrepreneurial skills may fare well with this step as it involves producing and profiting from items that you yourself have grown or made and selling it to other players or to NPCs.  Just like how stockbrokers keep their eyes and ears on the trends in the stock market, players in RAN Online should also look out for demands for certain products.  The pricing can also depend on these trends.

STEP #3: Sell your ingame gold for real world gold.

Think those gold points in the game won’t amount to anything in real life? Now you can be rich even in the real world while playing RAN online.  If you want to earn from your gaming skills, earn a lot of gold then sell it to other players through auction sites or RAN Online gold sites.

Playing RAN Online may just be a form of pastime for some, but it can be a profitable means of relaxation if you know how to earn your gold and sell it.

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  1. Due to the popularity of this game, many have made online games, particular RAN Online as a way of living. They not only sell in-game items for money, they also pilot accounts for other people, charging them on a per-hour basis and some actually sell their accounts on purpose and then make new ones again, so as to repeat the process. Others also make a living by dueling others, participating in local/national tourneys and trading in-game currency for real life money. There’s many ways to make money with this game.

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