How to Make Money from Playing Age of Conan

Age of Conan is an interesting massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a fantasy theme similar in concept to Dungeons and Dragons.  While many people play Age of Conan just for the fun and enjoyment of it, did you know that you can make real cash by playing this game?  Many people make money from MMORPGs by selling gold or selling characters, which are controversial means of profiting from gaming.  In the following guide, however, you will learn how to make real money by making your own guides about Age of Conan.

Step 1:  Learn about the game and play it.

The first step to earning money by writing guides on Age of Conan is to learn as much as you can about the game and to put your knowledge to use by playing the game.  Read guides that other people have written and try to explore the game as much as you can.  A good tip is to create a number of different characters with different skills and items, so you can learn about the many different facets of the game.  Remember, the more you know about the game, the more you will be able to contribute in your guides.

Step 2:  Write helpful guides on various aspects of the game.

The second and perhaps the most difficult step is to write the guides.  It doesn’t take a genius, a super programmer, or a great gamer to make helpful guides.  What makes writing guides difficult, however, is that you will have to set aside some time and put effort into writing your guides if you really want to make money with them.  To make things a little easier on yourself, try to write as though you were explaining your own experiences to a friend that you really want to help.  This way, your guides will read more naturally and they will have a more sincere tone of wanting to help.

Step 3:  Make money off of your guides.

Now for the crucial step: making money with the guides that you’ve written.  The best way to start making money off of your guides is to post them on your website or blogpage.  Make your guides accessible and easy to find so that people can navigate straight to them so you get faster traffic.  As your database of guides grows, your traffic is sure to grow as well and you can start making a steady stream of income through your site.  Advertising is key to making money, so make sure that you advertise for others to generate profit by clicks and make sure that your guides are well advertised as well.

While it can take some time, effort, and maintenance to make money from writing Age of Conan guides, it is a great strategy that can keep you earning even in the long run.  Some people are still earning from gaming guides that they have written over five or ten years ago.  Once you polish your guide making and guide writing skills, you may even start selling your guides at a price for more profits.

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