How to Make a Good Investment with Sword of the New World

Sword of the New World for Americans, Grande Espada for the Koreans who originally developed this MMORPG, is a cut above the rest of online games out there.  Sword of the New World may feature the usual monsters and battles but what makes it exceptional is that it gives more power to the players.  Conventional MMORPGs usually have one player take charge of one character, choosing only one kind of capability or power.  In Sword of the New World, a player has an option to control not just one but three characters at a time.  This won’t be too hard as each character can cover for the others who are scouting for loot and fighting off mobs.  Because of this new modality, players find Sword of the New World a very exciting and challenging online game to play.  Though beating out the other players and claiming victory in the game are the objectives, one can expect to also get a large booty of vis or gold from a winning streak in battles and quests.  With these gold points, one can buy his or her way to more weapons, more powers, and more chances to win the game.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to earn those vis points.

Step #1 – Go on quests.

As with almost all MMORPGs, players of Sword of the New World can rely on quests and other challenges to gain experience points, pick up items of value, and eventually earn those vis points.  Players can function more efficiently in Sword of the New World as one person can control up to three characters, making the quest an easy chore.  One can battle it out with a monster while the other searches and picks up what items can be dropped, while another can stave off other attacking monsters.  The better you perform in your skirmishes or challenges in the quests, the higher the prize or bounty you can get.  Though mostly experience points are the ones boosted here, it pays to hone your skill so you can fight adequately on the next levels.

Step #2 – Farm and harvest.

If your characters are able to take on monsters and NPCs of a higher and greater kind, then go to areas where these enemies can be found.  Chances are, the items that these monsters drop cost a lot in the market and you’ll surely be raking in experience points and the vis as well on a regular basis by farming in these places.

Step #3 – Purchase.

Finally, if you don’t have the time or the patience to farm, spawn, sell, and fight, then you better scout for players who are willing enough to part with their hard-earned vis points for a certain amount of real cash.

Playing the Sword of the New World is definitely a fun and exciting way to earn cash.  Make sure that you buy or sell only through legit dealers to make the most out of your money.

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  1. Practice Micro-Management. What makes this game intriguing and exciting, is also the main reason why most people tend to give up learning its ways and stick to good old traditional MMORPGs. The ability to control three types of characters at the same time may be fun, but it really takes a lot of getting used to and practice, especially since in huge battles and against brutal monsters/bosses, you’ll be doing throwing in a lot of skills and attacks at the same time. Search around the internet for programs that may be able to help ease the burden, there are a few programs out there designed to make micromanaging a bit more manageable.

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