1. Perfect World is an interesting and visually appealing MMORPG that I also enjoy playing.getting gold from the game is quite difficult but there are several methods that can be done.One method is by simply doing quests and looting or picking up items and dropped money from the monsters killed in the said quest.You also sometimes get additional rewards after finishing the quest that you have done.This method however is very time consuming and the least attracted aspect of obtaining large quantities of gold in the game.The other method is doing dungeon and cave runs hunting for rare equipments and either using or selling them.This gives great benefit especially if you were to loot the rarest materials from bosses as it can be sold to other players for a huge amount of pfofit.The third one is using real world currency buying top up cards and then topping up on the game and using the points to be converted into gold for the game.This is the easiest method although you’d be spending too much money on this.

  2. While doings quests prove to be one way of earning money from Perfect World, there are also other more profitable ways. While others opt to spend real life currency to top-up game cars and convert it into in-game gold, you can also do the same, although deemed as illegitimate by most gaming companies, it has been part of the gaming community ever since the very first MMORPG was born (which by the way was EverQuest I think) and you should not have any trouble finding a player that is willing to buy some of your in-game gold for real life currency, especially since you will most likely be selling it at a lower and more reasonable price than those in top-up cards.

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