How to Earn Profit from Playing Lord of the Rings Online

Many die-hard Tolkienians want to feel how it really was when Frodo Baggins and his band of dwarves, elves, men, and hobbits trudged through the swampy marshes and unforgiving landscapes.  Though the movie trilogy offered us a view of how it really was, there’s another way introduced in 2002 that Lord of the Rings fans can really experience what it must have been like if they were part of the story.  The Lord of the Rings Online has, since its introduction in 2002, been one of the most popular games on the Internet.  Here, players can experience what it’s like to have an orc getting ready to swing at you as they go on a quest to destroy the one true ring, online.

In this game, players take on roles and characters and have to perform certain tasks to be able to move on to the next phase of the game.  One of the most important tasks in this game is to earn enough money to purchase, barter, and bargain your way across.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to earn a profit through playing LOTRO.

Step #1 – Sell your wares and services.

In this online game, characters are assigned responsibilities based on their abilities and occupations.  You can be a weaponsmith, a prospector, a warrior, a magician, or a rogue among others.  Just like the fundamentals of a community or neighborhood, players must be able and willing to look and offer the services that each other one needs.

Step#2 – Scavenge and auction off.

There’s gold to be had for scrounging in areas and points where decent items are dropped.  You can pick up salvageable items and sell these for higher prices in auction halls, increasing your earnings.

Step#3 – Sow monsters and reap gold.

Grinding or farming is also a very good method of earning silver and even gold in LOTRO.  Monsters and other rare components can then be sold to those who are willing to pay a price for them.  Look for buyers in mobs and in other crafters.

Step#4 – Save for a rainy day.

Instead of spending what gold you have on knick-knacks that won’t do you any good in the  long run.  Just like how you’d save up for something important in real life, you should also exercise that restraint so you can purchase that boiled leather or chain mail armor when playing Lord of the Rings online.

Making money while playing LOTRO is definitely a fun and exciting experience.  Once you’ve mastered the skills needed to excel and to earn points, making money becomes easier.

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