How to Earn More DOMO Gold Playing Dream of Mirror Online

Dream of Mirror Online is a massively multi-player online role-playing game that is based on Chinese folklore.  It is said that the Dream Mirror or Kunlun Mirror records all that happens in the real world and reflects it in the Kunlun World on the other side of the mirror.  However, monsters and other delusions from the human race have formed on the Kunlun side, affecting even the real world.  Specially chosen humans were then allowed to cross over to the Kunlun side in order to stop these monsters from destroying both worlds.  Players can get to choose different characters, abilities, and even pets when playing this MMORPG.  In order to advance to the different levels and defeat the monsters, players must earn many gold points and other items to help sustain their journey.  Here are just a few tips on how to earn gold points fast.

Step # 1 – Save on duds.

Players can be more protected if they purchase clothing and other items that will reduce their exposure to harm.  However, purchasing clothes depletes your gold account.  Instead of buying a new set of clothing every five levels, try buying every ten so that you can get maximum protection while causing only minimal loss in your gold account.

Step # 2 – Be a farmer.

Farming monsters and picking up their spoils is one way of making sure that gold coins rattle in your pocket after you sell them in the Item Mall.

Step # 3 – Practice your occupation.

If you’re a shaman, you can definitely make use of the potions and other concoctions that you can make by selling these to those who need them.  Blademasters, martial artists, and mercenaries can also expect some form of remuneration for their services to characters who aren’t as strong as they are.

Step # 4 – Buy your gold.

If you want to level up but don’t have the patience (or the proper skillset) to earn gold the long and hard way, you can always look into external sources such as websites that offer DOMO Gold for sale.  Shop around for the best rates so you can get value for your real money.

Step # 5 – Trade your gold for green.

If you want to make the kind of money that you can spend in the real world, then you can sell your gold account to other players.  Go through legitimate channels and websites who have acceptable rates.

Playing DOMO online while earning money should be a fun and exciting experience.  Along with patience and determination, you’ll be able to earn enough gold to level up or to even earn some bucks in real life.

Photo Credit : Ollie Crafoord

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