How to Earn Money While Playing EverQuest 2

The setting of the MMORPG EverQuest 2 picks up 500 years from the original EQ in the kingdom of Norrath.  The continent of Antonica, ruled by the good Queen Antonia Bayle, split into what eventually became known as the Shattered Lands.  Leading the forces of evil is Lucan D’Lere, Overlord of Freeport, Queen Antonia’s nemesis.  Players can choose from the 19 races and 24 adventure classes when they play EverQuest 2.  Though appearance
and styles can be selected during character development, players can change these once they get into the cities and earn enough gold to purchase new clothes and hair styles.  Players of EQ2 can anticipate battles against many NPCs or non-player characters and also against other players as well.  However, much of the booty to be gained here are through quests and scavenges to recover treasures and annihilate monsters.  To be able to get
through all levels, you need to have enough gold points in the game.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can earn gold while playing EverQuest 2.

Step #1 – Practice your profession.

When choosing what kind of character you want to play as in EverQuest 2, you should consider a lot of things aside from the appearance.  A character’s occupation is one of the most important things to consider when starting out.  There are characters that are best-suited for melee or battles while there are those that are of the more creative or utilitarian personalities.  There are also those who can concoct spells and potions to help themselves and others heal when needed.  If you have a skill that others need, you can sell your services and wares for some gold points.

Step #2 – Be a farmer too.

Harvest gold points by harvesting and selling raw materials.  A lot of players bank on their skills and services but are actually in need of the raw material from which to make their products.  Be their supplier by harvesting herbs, spices, and other materials that can be of use to these people.

Step #3 – Do quests.

A majority of the action in EQ2 happens in quests.  You can join in on individual or guild quests and get a ton of gold when you complete these.  Aside from gold, you can also pick up and scavenge other items during a
quest.  These items, if of no any use for you, can then be sold to other players and even to NPCs.

When playing EverQuest 2, make sure to alot time and effort in amping up your level and your gold account.  Make sure to spend your gold credits wisely and avoid buying items you don’t really need.

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