How to Earn Money Playing Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic, launched just this March 2009, is fast becoming one of the best online games for today’s players.  Set in the fantasyland of Taborea, players can definitely find this game to be both familiar and challenging at the same time.  Taborea offers scenery that is comfortable, with fields, hills, towns, and landscapes smoothly unfolding in the background.  Trouble can be expected to loom near when the scenery changes, turning darker and more morbid as players go deeper into the heart of Taborea.  Players can take their pick out of six classes of characters – Priest, Knight, Mage, Scout, Rogue, and Warrior.  Runes of Magic is described by some as a World of Warcraft clone, as there are elements in Runes of Magic that can be found in Warcraft.  Runes of Magic is a quest-driven game yet players can find real challenges in the tasks that NPCs can set them to do.  Though experience points are often earned in quests, one can not go on without having some form of in-game financial security.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how you could earn gold while playing Runes of Magic.

Step #1 – Scavenge.

The thrill of finding something in a treasure hunt is reborn in this game as players can scavenge valuable items and even gold coins from just about any place in Taborea.  All it takes is a little cunning and speed so you can pick up the best items even while the battle is ongoing.  Otherwise, you’re going to have to scavenge real hard and earn for items that can be of use to you or to others.  Even if you don’t have any use for these items, you can still get some and keep them for selling.

Step #2 – Farm.

Sowing and reaping raw materials such as herbs and other items can be a very lucrative source of in-game income for players.  Alchemists, priests, and mages can make a killing out of their salves, potions, and other concoctions if they sell these to people who need them.  Advertising your wares in the marketplace also helps bring in more customers who need a new armor or a healing salve and are willing to pay the price that you ask for.

Step # 3 – Join quests.

A majority of the activities in this game are quests that NPCs will order players to carry out.  These quests range from the easy and boring type to the hard and almost impossible kind.  However, players can truly get experience points and gold once they complete these quests, whether it’s as easy as killing ten bugs to making a special soup or killing a group of monsters in a dungeon.

Once you master these steps, earning money in Runes of Magic becomes easier.  After accumulating enough gold points, you can then sell these gold to players through reliable websites that offer services for those who want to increase their gold and level up faster.

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  1. Although Runes of Magic has still yet to see a huge popularity increase all over the world, it is still quite an interesting game in which I find enjoyable and quite challenging. Why is that so? Because you have the ability to mix the abilities of two of the possible eight classes within the game, giving you flexibility and the versatility you need to succeed in future endeavors. And this makes the game a whole lot easier, you can kill monsters faster and thus earn money faster. It also pays to be strategic in what monsters you kill, in so that you’ll waste less time in killing these monsters.

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