How to Earn Money from Playing Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online picks up from where Warhammer Fantasy left off in 2004.  This time however, it’s being marketed by Mythic Entertainment though the original publisher Games Workshop is still involved in the project to ensure the continuity of the storyline.  Warhammer Online is classified as an RvR or Realm vs.  Realm game.  There are two main factions battling it out for supremacy – Order and Destruction.  Each faction is then subdivided into three armies, each of which have four career options.  Players of this game work towards taking over the other’s capital city to gain control of the whole
realm.  However, every war, even the fantasy ones, should always have some kind of capital to finance its causes.  In the case of Warhammer Online, that capital is in good old gold, or points earned through various ways throughout the game.  If you want to advance to the next levels and get closer to toppling over the enemy’s capital city, you should have enough Warhammer credits.  Here are just a few tips on how you can earn enough Warhammer gold to finance your battles.

Step #1 – Earn a living through your character’s occupation.

Honest work always gets rewarded, even in the various cities and regions in Warhammer online.  You can choose from the 24 different occupations and get abilities that will be of use and monetary value for others who don’t have them.

Step #2 – Scavenge and sell.

Drops are always profitabel no matter if these are worthless junk.  When you go to the Auction house, some NPC will always come along and offer decent money for that item.

Step # 3 – Do quests and scenarios.

Quests and scenarios are not just good venues to show off those offensive and evasive skills.  You can also take the booty if you finish in one piece.  Each kill in a quest may be equivalent to an amount of gold.  Get your feelers out for public quests as well as these can pay up not only gold but also other items that you can use or auction off.

Step # 4 – Go for the green.

However, if you’re no longer interested in playing Warhammer Online but you’ve amassed quite an amount of gold in your coffers, you can make a profit out of this in real life.  Warhammer gold accounts have dollar translations and you can earn a lot by selling these to people who want to fast-track their way to the finish line.  However, if you’re farming gold to sell your currently active account, you may get into trouble with the servers.

Making money online through Warhammer should be a fun and exciting experience.  Once you master the tips above, earning gold and money even in real life becomes easier.

Photo Credit :  Metaphox

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