How to Earn Money from Playing EVE Online

EVE Online is widely known in massively multiplayer online gaming for having the largest virtual realm ever.  Set tens of thousands of years from now, EVE has players flying in space ships between solar systems to explore, colonize, and live in the universe, interacting with other players along the way.  One of the unique elements of EVE Online is its well-developed economy, which even includes stock exchanges.  Here’s a guide on how to make money in EVE and make use of the game’s virtual stock exchange:

Step 1:  Learn how to build capital.

Like any MMORPG out there, EVE Online presents numerous ways of making in-game money, called ISK.  Aside from the usual farming, buying and selling of items, and completing quests, there are numerous other ways to make ISK in EVE.  For example, some players have tried to make banks, while others have rented out real-world services (like web hosting and server rental) in exchange for ISK.  Remember to do your research on the many ways that you can make ISK so you can start participating in the game’s unique stock exchange.

Step 2:  Learn about the stock exchange.

EVE’s stock exchange works in a similar way to real-world stock exchanges, wherein players can invest their ISK in certain shares in return for regular dividend payments.  It’s important to remember that you should fully trust a company owner before investing your ISK in their business, because there have been scams in the past where players run off with the money of their “shareholders.”  Learn the ins and outs of the system, as well as whom you can and cannot trust to ensure that your investments are safe and profitable.

Step 3:  Build your resources and use them wisely.

Now that you have a good idea of the different ways that you can make ISK in EVE, you can put your hard-earned ISK to use in different ways.  Whether you use it to purchase items, upgrade your ship, or for further investment, make sure that you use your ISK wisely.  You may even want to sell your ISK for real-world cash, but it’s important to remember that buying and selling of in-game currency for real currency is often frowned upon by other players.

EVE Online is a unique game that has some great features and a well-developed economy.  As you can see, there are many ways to make money in the game, but it does take some research and effort to make sure that your investments are safe.  No matter what type of deal you plan to make with other players, you should always try to be honest and trustworthy so that other players don’t think you are just a scammer.

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