How to Earn Money from Playing Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) is a massively multi-player online role-playing game or MMORPG that is set during the period after King Arthur’s death.  Here, three different realms battle it out for supremacy and eventual ruling of the much-valued kingdom of Camelot.  Players can expect to duke it out against realms and even the environment (through monsters and other NPCs).  As with most MMORPGs, players in DAoC are also dependent on their gold and plat reserves.  The higher your plat reserves, the higher level you can get to.  With enough plat and gold reserves, players can do more actions, purchase more items, and get closer to the win.  Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow so you’ll easily earn those gold and plat accounts in no time.

Step #1 – Battle it out in quests.

Skirmishes with other groups or other players in quests not only increases your experience points, but also your gold or plat accounts.  Whoever wins not only gets a prize, but can also profit from the spoils of the battle.

Step #2 – Automate.

Program your account to automatically seek and kill monsters and scavenge from their booty.  Save DAoC plat or gold by making use of these items.  If you don’t have any use for these items, you can sell them in the town markets.  Or you can sell them to the real market outside of the realm of DAoc.

Step #3 – Specialize.

The character that you play has a specifc set of skills and capabilities that help you get through the many levels of the game.  However, you can also help other players out especially if they don’t have the same abilities as yours.  Suppose you’re a Shaman.  You can hawk your spells, potions, and healing powers to people who need them.  This way, you not only help others, but you also get to earn more gold.

Step #4 – Sell online gold for the green kind.

Once you’ve amassed a killing in DAoC gold, you can be richer in the real world by selling these.  A lot of people make profits from professionally power-leveling their DAoC accounts that many other players who don’t have the time or the patience to play can buy.  You can put up advertisements on different auction sites or you can affiliate yourself with game and cheat sites that impose standard rates for gold and plat accounts of not only DAoC but also of other games.

Make sure that when selling your DAoC accounts, you’re only dealing with legit websites. Don’t be too psyched up in selling your DAoC account for real money though.  After all, playing online games should be a fun and exciting experience that can also make you earn money.

Photo Credit :  Lukie Poplin

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  1. Before anything else, always be careful of scam sites. What could be the jackpot of all fortunes could be wasted in a few seconds if you do not know how to distinguish a fairly legit one from a scam site. Aside from that, always know the market. Do some research, keep an eye out on what’s hot and what’s not, remember that each and every game has a commodity that never goes out of style and whose prize remains stable throughout time, so try to farm and harvest these items. If you’re after more money, hunt prized and rare items and sell them in-game or outside for some real cold hard cash.

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