How to Earn Money from Last Chaos

Last Chaos is a MMORPG set in the world of Iris, the world of humans where good and evil are in a constant battle to conquer.  The god of evil, Eres, wanted to take over Iris by making Titans or creatures that pillaged, burned, and ransacked the mortal world.  Before Eres could triumph though, the god of light, Apollon, gave the motals and some of the Titans the power of reason and compassion, making some fight against their evil counterparts.  Players of this game can choose from a variety of characters in Last Chaos.  One can be a Knight, a Warrior, a Mage, or a Healer.  As with most MMORPGs, players of Last Chaos also have to accrue ingame gold in order to progress to the next levels.  However, victory in the game isn’t the only end result when playing Last Chaos.  Those who want to earn some real cash can also do so just by playing this game.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to earn ingame gold in Last Chaos and convert it to real cash.

Step #1 – Join quests.

Last Chaos contains many dungeons from which players can go into quests.  These quests are mostly moderated or ordered by NPCs or non-player characters who reward players as long as they accomplish the task at hand.  Rewards can be in the form of valuable items or in gold.  Aside from cash, players can also gain experience or skill points in these quests, so they are able to get on the next levels of the game and even unlock some capabilities not available to them previously.

Step #2 – Make use of dropped items.

In battles and skirmishes, other players and even NPCs such as monsters, can drop valuable items such as armor and weapons.  Players can make use of these dropped items by adding them to their own arsenal or selling these in the market to other players or to other NPCs.

Step #3 – Make use of your talents.

Practicing your profession is also a good way to earn points or gold credits in this game.  If you’re a healer, you can povide your services and your products to other people for a fee.  YOu can either exchange items or sell your wares on the market for gold points.

Step #4 – Sell your online gold for real cash.

If you don’t want your efforts (and your real money) to go to waste in playing this game, you can also opt to sell your Last Chaos gold points for real cash.  There are people who may not have the time, patience, and skill to earn gold the conventional way so they scope out professional players who sell their accounts for real money.  You can advertise on your own or sign up with a reputable Last Chaos gold points site.

Make sure to always check first the authenticity of any site you wish to use when selling your hard-earned gold points for real cash.  Advertise your products subtly as some gamers may frown upon selling and buying gold points.

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  1. In order to make quick and fast Money in the tedious MMORPG called Last Chaos (which name really fits its gameplay), your character needs to be strong and powerful. This means that you need to devote countless hours of your time to power-level your character to its maximum potential. Avoid at all costs, using your real-life money to purchase in-game items, after all, you are in this for the money and you must not let the game take control of you. Once you’re down power-levelling your character to a satisfactory level, you can opt to hunt with a party or by yourself in dangerous dungeons and fiels, looking for rare and valuable items that could sell for millions. This in turn would help you garner millions and millions of gold points so that you’ll be able to sell them for real-life cash at a reasonable rate.

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