How to Earn from Playing Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) is a very popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is part of one of the most well-known, successful, and reputable role-playing games in the gaming industry.  With over 2 million active characters in April 2009, Final Fantasy XI has loads of players that you can play with, interact with, and even make money from.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to earn real money by selling gil, the in-game currency used in FFXI:

Step 1:  farming and fishing for gil

Farming and fishing are two important factors for generating gil income in FFXI.  Farming refers to the practice of killing monsters to earn experience, in-game money, items, and other benefits of killing monsters, such as leveling your skills.  Fishing, on the other hand, is a system implemented in FFXI wherein you can use different fishing rods and bait to catch fish that you can sell or consume to find crafting materials and items.  Remember to read some guides on fishing and farming for gil so you can get the inside tips on the best locations and techniques for farming and fishing.

Step 2:  trading your gil for money

Now that you have built up a fair amount of gil through farming and fishing, it’s time to turn that gil into real-world money.  First of all, it’s important to realize that blatantly broadcasting your gil-selling services is usually frowned upon in the gaming community, because of the negative effect it can have on the economy.  Still, if you are only doing private business on a rather small scale, there are no problems with that. The best place to start is to ask any friends who may be in need of gil.  Real-world friends and your online friends alike can make some great, regular customers.  You can also post your services on a website or blog.  Advertising is key here, but it can be tricky due to the community outlook on gil-sellers and buyers.

Step 3:  investing your gil for more rewards

It should be kept in mind that, even if your main goal is to sell gil and earn money, you shouldn’t sell all of your gil.  Invest your gil into your character to get the best armors, weapons, powerups, and any other benefits that you can buy with gil.  This will ensure that your character is in top shape for farming and fishing for even more gil. Investing your gil into your character is a great way of making your character more efficient at earning gil.

Final Fantasy XI is a very entertaining game with such a huge player base that you can easily make money by selling gil.  While it does take some time, effort, and dedication to make a steady income by selling gil, it can still be fun.  Try not to get so caught up in selling gil that you don’t enjoy the game anymore.  Also, remember to always be honest and sincere when dealing and making transactions with other players.

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