MOTION- the Epicentre of Bristol’s Club Scene

Bristol is renowned for its explosive dance and DJ scene, but where does this scene ignite and prosper most powerfully? Well that’s easy, no place other than Bristol’s forum of frenzy, club Motion.

As an individual in a new city with an unquenchable thirst for thriving nightclubs, I was eager to locate Bristol’s hotspot when it came to top DJs and 6am closedowns. Moving south from Manchester I was keen to find a club which could replicate epic events put on by venues such as the Warehouse Project and Sankeys.


When I first arrived in Bristol I was hurried into standard mainstream and chain nightclubs such as Syndicate and Oceana. Having experienced these sorts of chart pumping nights many times before I was looking for something a little bit different, something which could be the highlight of the week for anyone living out the 9-5 lifestyle.

Then I was told about a venue just outside the city centre of Bristol. A venue which held only two events every week and didn’t consider closing its doors any earlier than 6am. Comprising of three large converted barns, tunnel rooms and an outside area big enough to contain a small outdoor festival, this venue was Motion.

Chase and Status, Netsky, High Contrast and Danny Byrd. These are just a sample of the A-list DJ and dance acts who live to serve Motion’s customers of chaos every weekend in Bristol. Selling out almost every event within a few days, it is imperative that you get your tickets early as all music lovers of Bristol will be scrambling to gain entry to their favourite nights.

With a palette of genres including dubstep, dnb, house and electronica, every event has a flavour to suit even the most niche of requirements. As a regular to this astonishing nightclub I can recommend spending your weekend frolicking amongst hyper-hectic audiences and throwing your body around. Bristol’s Motion provides some of the best entertainment the city has to offer.

Every city has its own version of Motion, a club that is unique and inspires a loyal following among the locals. If like me you love to look a little deeper than the mainstream chain nightclubs and want something different I would love to hear your recommendations for your own home city. Maybe you have come across great clubs on your travel too? Share your favourite club tips in the comments and I will look forward to exploring the greatest clubs of the UK and further afield!

Sam Hudson is a writer and musician currently living in West Yorkshire and studies MA in Writing for Performance and Publication. Sam writes here for Lancashire PA hire, a company supplying disco equipment hire in Burnley.

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