Learn to Sing By Learning To Breathe

Whether you’re learning to sing for group singing or just want to be better at karaoke, learning to breathe is very important. While I’m not suggesting that you don’t actually know how to breathe and have been spending your life until now deprived of oxygen, I am saying that there is a certain way to breathe to improve and protect your singing voice and you should learn it.

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Paying Attention

First, you should always remember to pay attention to your breathing. Most of us don’t even notice that we’re breathing, it’s a habit and we don’t pay attention. Focus your attention on your muscles as your chest fills with air. Pay attention to how it works.

Breathing In

While still paying attention, relax your muscles and breathe in deeply. Air should expand your rib cage and fill your stomach. Mostly you want to naturally fill your body with air without tightening your muscles. Your diaphragm should be poised, your shoulders relaxed and your posture straight. Pretend your diaphragm is a balloon, as you breathe in, it should gently expand.

Breathing Out

Now, let the air out of your body without contracting your muscles. Your breathing should be silent as it expels from your mouth. The louder your breath is the more tension and you want as little tension as possible for singing. Remember the balloon, as you breathe out you should gently remove the air from the balloon. Gently is the key here. Many teachers recommend that you picture a candle in front of you and that you avoid blowing it out.

Combine & Practice

Combine the breathing in and out. You want it to be as smooth and natural as your regular breathing.  You should remember to practice your breathing with everything. Make it your normal method of breathing. While you’re singing, while you’re eating, dancing or whatever else you’re doing. Pay attention to the way you breathe and practice.

Now that you know proper breathing, try practicing singing. You can take group singing courses, sing on your own or even play karaoke. Most importantly, remember to watch your breathing while you’re singing. You’re going to slip up a lot at first but don’t worry, it’s completely normal. Proper breathing can be a little difficult to get the hang of for the first month or so, but after that you might find you’re doing it without even thinking about it.

Learned how to breathe properly but want to know more? Try taking group singing lessons with a professional instructor!

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