How to Put Up a Hammock

Hammocks seem like a lot of fun and to be honest they are. These inexpensive items are fantastic for the garden and can really allow you to enjoy those lazy days, whether you want to read a book, or look at your tablet. They really can enhance your satisfaction in the garden and though they are easy to set up, there are some tricks that make them all the more comfortable.


Deciding on where to place your hammock is one of the most important parts of the whole process and you will need to points to anchor it. People will usually choose a wall or trees for this and these are perfect. However, if you don’t have either of these, or they are too far apart, remember that placing a pole in the ground will also work well.


The decision over height is another one that can be varied, though it is often recommended that they should be around 10 inches off the ground. This will ensure that the body does not sag and touch the area below once you are in the hammock. You will need to place the hammock at a distance of around 12 feet to prevent it from sagging and touching the ground. However, some people like to leave a little more distance for the hammock to stretch over time. It can be common for a hammock to be inches off the ground initially, only to sag a little more as time goes by. It is always better to be sag than sorry and hang the hammock that little bit higher off the ground.


You will then have to drill the points where you are going to place the hammock, these can be made with an electric drill and you should always ensure that they are not larger than the size of the anchor holes; otherwise you will be in trouble. If they are loose they will fail to support you with time and your hammock will end on the ground.

Securing the Item

The hammock needs to be fastened to the area to ensure it is safe and this can be done with hook screws and steel chain or even some very strong nylon rope – the braided variety is best here. Many hammocks do however come with additional items for setting them up. This allows you to secure the item to the poll or tree safely and these are often the most suitable for the item as they are suited to it.

It is also possible to place hammock indoors, though this is often from the ceiling beams and S Hooks. This should easily support the weight of a hammock and allows you the comfort of one of these comfortable items indoors.

Hammocks are a great addition and many people will swear by them for relaxation means and we would too.

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