How to plan a trip to Europe

The ideea of traveling to Europe can make you just take some clothes and put yourself on the road.To avoid some possible inconveniences is good to think about the folowing steps:

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Step 1 (and the most important)
Choose smart the places that you want to visit and the things that you want to do for further plans,even though a lot of time places that initially don’t tell you nothing can surprise you and you can enjoy by letting go of some preconceived notions.

Step 2
The traveling way is extremely important.  The best cheap way is using your car. With the car you will always controle the situation,you can make as many stops as you want and is the only way you can really taste the places. Plus the car is giving you air conditioner,sound and protection whenever you need.Plus the luggage is always with you. As comfortable is your car or maybe your motorhome as much fun you will have. If traveling by car is too exhausting for you, the train or the plane are good alternatives but will cost you more and they will deprive you of the ‘local air’.

Step 3
Doesn’t matter the way you travel, you have to be prepared for being far away from home. So pay attention choosing your clothes. here are new places for you and you never know how will change the weather. Is good to watch a weather forecat before.The phone, the phone charger(and a car phone charger if you travel by car) and a card are also things that you must take always with you. A gps can also help you a lot, not only by give you direction, but it can show you the restaurant, gas station, vacation objectives or whatever you need.

Step 4
Is good to have an ideea about the money curency before you go. Always when you enter in a new country be prepared with the local money to not think about this when you already do something. This can be very inconvenient.

Step 5
One of the most important things when you do a trip to Europe is to let ok the things home. This apparent little things will let you really enjoy the traveling.You don’t want your phone ringing with problems when you have good time.Don’t let none to to disturb your fun!

Being prepared for any situation let you enjoy without any concerns. A good initial plan can save you from a lot of trouble. It remains you to just have a great fun. ‘Bon voyage!’


  1. Before I write a comment about a trip to Europe, would you mind to polish up your work? No offense, it is great and informative but improper use of verbs and tenses which made reading this article somewhat of a burden. I got a headache. Anyway, On to Europe. Europe is a beautiful continent with lots of attractions to offer and see, but we must admit that it is quite large and planning a trip could prove to be a tough one. But the most important thing before planning the trip is to know your budget well and carefully plan what you will do during the trip and where you will be going. Always have extra money at hand for emergencies or unavoidable expenditures. Also, there’s many websites and blogs that help low budget travelers stretch their hard-earned money.

  2. My goodness, I had a difficult time understanding this article. But I will give a comment nonetheless. It is recommended before planning a trip, especially going abroad, to research the place first. Ask around. Call your friends, relatives and family members about your idea and ask them to shell out tips and recommendations. Buy a map of Europe and make sure to have a checklist ready of the things you would like to accomplish while in Europe. Do not overstay in one place, a day or two is enough. Allot ample time in getting to know local people.

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