Hipster Bars: What are you Missing?

If you find yourself standing behind the counter of an empty or nearly empty bar night after night, you may be missing something. There are many things that make popular bars, especially among younger crowds, that you may simply be overlooking. From cocktail table arcade games to obscure beers that can only be found in select areas, these bars have a crowd for a reason beyond just convenient location. You could take the time to visit other bars to get ideas, or you could spend hours brainstorming. Or you could read this article for some quick, easy ideas to help make your bar hoppin’.

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Local Brews

Buying locally is a huge trend right now, and if all you are serving your customers are big, boring name brand beers, you’re skipping a potential moneymaker. The market for local brews revolves around the idea that people like knowing where their beer comes from – drinking local brews gives customers a sense of identity and connection to their city. Local brews also tend to provide a wide variety of tastes and styles of beers that will be a hit with folks who consider themselves beer connoisseurs or want to broaden their tastes. Many of these breweries will offer their beers bottled or on tap so that you can try a variety of their tastes.

Live Music

A bar’s success depends, in part, on its atmosphere. Often, when people visit a bar with friends, they are looking for entertainment. Bringing in local musical acts will provide both atmosphere and entertainment to your venue. Even if you only have live shows once a week, people will start remembering that they like going to shows at your bar and may become regulars. Charging for cover at the door of live events is another way that live entertainment can earn revenue for your bar. And, like beers, featuring local music acts will give customers a feeling of community with the city.

Arcade Games

Another way to make the most out of entertainment in your bar is with cocktail table arcade games. You know the ones – PacMan, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong, just to name a few. Customers can challenge their friends to a game over a beer and let the games begin. The table design of the games is inspired by vintage 80s table arcade games, so customers can play without worrying about what to do with their drink. You can choose to either allow free play, or charge per play, which provides another way to earn some money for your bar–and capitalize on your investment in purchasing the game.

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