Halloween Office Games

For most of the year it makes sense to behave in a professional manner at all times whilst in the office, but on certain occasions allowing workers to let their hair down and play a few appropriate games can be a great way of building team spirit and increasing enthusiasm for the workplace. Halloween is one of the best times for this, as the nature of the season lends itself to frivolity, and the proliferation of sweets and other spooky treats in stores means you can give out some great prizes.

Word Polygon

Set out the nine letters ‘HALLOWEEN in a three by three grid in any order, choosing one letter to be in the central square. Players must try to make as many words as possible of three letters or more from the letters in the grid, and can use each letter only once per word. All words must contain the central letter, and of course there is at least one nine letter word to be found. Give prizes for the first person to find the nine letter word, and for the person who finds the most words in an allotted time span.

Guess How Many Sweets

Bring in a big jar of wrapped sweets and invite colleagues to guess how many are in the jar just by looking. At the end of the day the person who guessed closest wins the whole jar. Alternatively you could play a ‘guess the weight’ version by bringing in a Halloween cake or even with a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Carving

You can either but several pumpkins and some knives for the workplace or invite workers to carve their own pumpkins at home and bring them in, depending on your health and safety regulations. Award prizes for the scariest, the most creative or the person who manages to carve the best company logo into their pumpkin.

holloween games

Whiteboard Pictionary

Divide workers into two teams and pass out two stacks of cards with Halloween related words on them. Each team picks one player to draw, and has one minute to guess what their team-mate is trying to depict. The team who guess the most win.

Apple Bobbing

Co-workers will fall off their office chairs laughing at the sight of colleagues dunking their faces in a big bucket of water in an attempt to pick up round, shiny apples using only their teeth. Best performed away from any electronic equipment due to potential water spillages, this is a traditional Halloween game which never gets old.

Costume Party

One of the best bits of Halloween for most people is the opportunity to dress up in costume. Award prizes for the spookiest, most inventive or most frightening look. You could supplement this with a special Halloween lunch for employees, including pumpkin pie, witch-shaped gingerbread and more.

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