Famous Movies Centred Around Warehouses

So often we’ve watched different movies and realised that a backdrop looks familiar, regardless of the film, and very often it’s the warehouses that instigate a déjà vu moment. Well, there are several famous warehouses that have been used in several epic movies, and the reason being that they have everything from the space to the ambience, location and locals, excellent for massive explosions and shootouts, and they probably cost a lot less to rent for movie shoots.

Popular Warehouse Movies

Reservoir Dogs is fast becoming a legend. The movie was shot years ago, but is still considered a must-see by many young and old. Famously set in a warehouse, the movie basically revolved around the warehouse being a meeting place for some dodgy individuals with colourful backgrounds, and names. Great movie, fantastic concept, nice warehouse too.

The Departed is another piece of Scorcese’s brilliance. Not set in a warehouse, but the famously well-received film has several scenes with gangsters shooting one another in a warehouse when a deal goes south, and then again another warehouse was used for explosions. The famous warehouse in this movie was also used in several other gangster themed films. Clearly it’s a warehouse with a reputation.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the favourites where Indiana Jones and the freaky German woman played by Cate Blanchett search through a warehouse for a box with the famous remains of the alien that crashed in Roswell. In the real world, area 51 doesn’t exist – apparently – but Indi knows better. The entire scene is filmed largely around the finding of the box in the warehouse, the shooting and blowing up of classified documents in the warehouse, the race away from the warehouse and the ultimate reference is always to the famous warehouse. One has to wonder if Raiders of the Lost Ark would’ve been what it was without that warehouse.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmordfin/3846631156/

Cast Away, Footloose, Kick-Ass, Fame, Bad Boys and a multitude of many other movies have often begun or ended in warehouses with the poor warehouse often being the innocent victim. There is no doubt that warehouses add a certain quality to famous movie concepts. The fear of a dark warehouse, the uncertainty of a deserted warehouse during the day, the concern of children playing in a warehouse, the structure just adds a certain quality that the written word could not convey. Perhaps they should make a famous warehouse movie and pay tribute to the edifice.

As a prolifice freelance writer Vida Denning has written from many different locations and her most recent was at a warehouse with an office on the mezzanine floor level. It was cold.

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