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As a result of their undeniably gorgeous looks and beautiful antlers the moose has spawned numerous fictional characters, not all quite as adorable as their cousins in the wild. Here are the world’s top ten greatest moose creations:

Famous Moose

  1. Bullwinkle J. Moose star of the TV series Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, a rather stupid but well intentioned animal who remembers everything he has ever eaten. He goes adventuring with his more intelligent, best friend Rocky the Squirrel.
  2. Rutt and Tuke from Brother Bear a 2003 Walt Disney animated feature film set in post ice-age America. The characters, who notably hitch a ride on a heard of mammouths, are voiced by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.
  3. Elliot Moose the star of Andrea Beck’s series of children’s picture books which were later adapted for a Canadian TV series which featured both animation and live action. Elliot is a young Moose who lives in a place called “The Big House” and loves adventures with his friends Beaverton, Lionel, Socks, and Paisley.
  4. Space Moose an anti-social, wonky-eyed creature who wore a Star Trek uniform was the star of a celebrated Canadian adult themed underground comic strip. Space Moose was from the planet Olmak and was sent to earth to be raised by a Canadian family. He attended university gaining a degree in zoology, is of questionable sexuality and his friends include Boris the Bionic Badger.
  5. Mr. Moose an adorable puppet in the children’s TV show Captain Kangaroo. Mr. Moose was famous for setting riddles and telling knock-knock jokes. These would lead to huge amounts of ping pong balls falling on the head of Captain Kangaroo. The Mr. Moose character appeared in an episode of Family Guy.
  6. Spruce the Moose a Timbertown character at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge in New York State. Spruce is a roller coaster and water ride loving meet and greet character for children visiting the lodge. Spruce’s friends are Oakley the bear and Rocky the Racoon and Frankie the Fox.
  7. Maximillian the Moose a gorgeous Christmas themed character in the Olive & Moss range of children’s clothes and accessories designed by Nina Govan.
  8. Morris the Midget Moose the star of a Disney animated film of the same name. Morris is a small moose with huge antlers who is friends with Balsam, a large moose who is paranoid about his small antlers. Together they work to effect revenge on Thunderclap a moose who dominates the forest by bullying.
  9. Mariner Moose who is the official mascot of the Seattle Mariners Major League baseball team. Mariner moose was chosen from entries to a completion to create a new mascot for the team.
  10. Jerry The Moose is the mascot of BC Parks in Canada. The character is based on the original Jerry a real life orphaned moose-on-the loose found wandering alone in the woods, rescued and homed at Wells Gray Provincial Park. The original Jerry was later retired to Calgary Zoo.


What a motley crew of memorable moose ! From the cute and adorable to the anit-social and thrill seeking this wonderful giant of the natural world has inspired some amazing characterisations for adults and children alike.

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