Where to Vacation to Beat the Winter Blues

this post answers the following questions
1. Why consider San Diego California in your next winter vacation?
2. Is st.petersburg, Florida also a good winter vacation?
3. What’s with Malibu, California to be a good winter vacation?
4. Why is Clearwater, Florida a good place to go on winter vacation?
5. Why are Clearwater vacation homes so coveted?

Do any readers out there kind of dread the winters?  The shoveling, the inclement weather, the days of little sun power, etc. is enough to make some one run south or west to find fairer weather again.  This next winter you can escape the blues by finding a vacation spot, plopped right in the middle of sun and surf.  Who doesn’t enjoy access to sunny beaches?  Sun-kissed shores are okay with you, right?

Let’s consider a number of vacation spots, which should be on your radar this next winter.

San Diego, California

San Diego is known for hosting some of the most desirable weather in the nation.  Always dry and mostly sunny, the area offers a number of activities for couples and families.  Additionally, the area offers a variety of beaches.  La Jolla serves the community through a number of shopping choices and beach locales.  Additionally, if you want a traditional ‘city’ feel, you can take a cab downtown to the Gas Light District to dine, drink, and smile the time away.  If you’re looking to beat the winter blues this year, don’t discount San Diego.

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg is a little gem about a half-hour drive away from Orlando.  It is an artsy area, housing a number of museums and incredible architectural accomplishments.   Like San Diego, the town offers a number of different locations.  The downtown area is the most prominently visited, offering shopping, boating, dining, and other active and leisure-suited pastimes.  And of course, like San Diego, St. Pete hosts perennial sunshine.  The summertime heat can get intense with the added humidity but the fall and winter months offer extra-comfortable sunshine.

Malibu, California

Malibu is hours up the coast from San Diego, but is miles away from the LA metro area, offering a lot to do other than soaking in the rays at the cliff-faced beaches.  Malibu has been heralded as some to be hands-down the most beautiful area in the nation.  Would you like to formulate your own opinion?  Take a look at some available vacation spots along this stretch of the California coast.  You get the beach-town relaxation as well as the metro-city excitement.

Clearwater, Florida

Why are Clearwater vacation homes so coveted?  It’s the sun.  It’s the friendly people.  It’s the numerous aquatic and land activities.  It’s the relaxation.  It’s the beauty of the area.  It’s perfect for lone vacationers, couples, and families.  If you plan to stay in one of many available Clearwater vacation homes in February or March, you’ll be able to catch the spring training of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team there.


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