Skiing, the Family Holiday

Skiing, a sport once exclusively available to the rich, is now open to the masses with resorts more and more frequently targeting families of all backgrounds. With ski resorts from Scotland to Russia and Canada to France eager to bring in families there is no excuse not to hit the slopes. Though not thought of as the perfect family holiday by some, ski holidays offer all that the traditional summer holiday does and much, much more.

Ski resorts now cater for families of all ages and abilities. It is not an uncommon sight to see children aged as young as three or four whizzing down the slopes. With an exhaustive variety of lessons such as half day to week long, personal lessons, private lessons and the infamous ski school for children of all ages and abilities there is no limit to the ways in which you can improve your skiing skills. Whilst allowing children the chance to have their own independence and to make new friends at ski schools, there is then the chance to reunite for some family skiing through the afternoon as you make your own adventures through the mountain ranges.

As well as keeping fit, though you’d hardly realise it as you feel the exhilarating rush of gliding across the snow, skiing holidays offer the chance for heartfelt family memories. Whether these memories are of playing and sledging in the snow to skiing that impossibly steep slope you never thought you would even attempt. That isn’t to mention all the countless restaurants and bars that offer an amazing après ski experience with their often authentic, wooden, mountain cabin vibe. If you are more of the adventurous type there is still plenty to do with paragliding, bobsledding, ski doo’s and many more winter sport activities. Family bonding is almost inevitable with the fantastic array of once in a lifetime activities, which are offered.

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If you like the idea of a ski holiday then imagine combining that with the wonderment of Christmas. There is no more idyllic setting for a magical Christmas than in a remote mountain village with a roaring fire, that elusive white Christmas, beautiful and traditional wooden cabins and bags of seasonal merriment.

A ski holiday is one that the whole family will look back on with fond memories and, want to go back and do it again and again. There is no shortage of dry ski slopes in the UK if you wanted to try it out or get some lessons before you go, but there is no substitute for the real white stuff and breath-taking mountain views.

Author: This post was supplied on behalf of Simply Piste, online ski clothing store based in the UK.

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