How to Plan a Beach Outing with Your Family

this post answers the following questions
1. Why is beach the most favorite vacation of all time?
2. Why plan the schedule for yourvacation?
3. Why ensure the destination of the vacation is best for your family?
4. Do you need to make a reservation for your vacation?
5. Why should you make a checklist?

As summer is fast approaching, your summer getaway should be planned as early as now.  The beach is one of the all time favorite vacation destinations you should consider.  There are lots of reasons why the seaside is an interesting place where you can make lots of happy memories with your family.  Because the seaside is an open area, you can engage in fun beach activities there.  Aside from that, the beach is also a great place to appreciate nature’s beauty.  To ensure success in your beach outing, below is a guideline on how to plan your beach outing.

Step 1:

Plan the schedule and the destination.  Deciding the time and venue is the first step to a successful outing.  You have to ask everyone in the family for suggestions on this.  Make sure that you consider your budget in planning for a vacation.

Warning:  You should not forget to ask the opinion of everyone, especially when it comes to the schedule.  Make sure that you choose the time when everyone is free to go.

Step 2:

Ensure that the destination is best for your family.  After you have chosen the date and the venue, you have to do some research to verify if the place or accommodation is available during your scheduled trip.  You also have to verify the things that are prohibited in that specific beach.

Warning:  By searching online, you can check the condition of the place and also ensure the availability of your accommodations.  You should also not forget to check if your budget is enough for that particular place.

Step 3:

Make reservations if necessary.  The beach would probably be crowded this time of the year, so in order to ensure that you will have a place to stay, you can contact someone from the resort or from a nearby hotel if you can make advanced booking.

Warning:  This is a very important step.  Booking in advance will ensure that you and your family will have a comfortable place to stay during your outing.

Step 4:

Prepare the things that you will need.  You should make a checklist of the things that you are going to bring.  It is best to shop for essential items such as toiletries as early as possible to ensure that you won’t forget something.

Warning:  Do not forget to grab some sun protection products when you shop for items that you will bring to the beach.

Overall, following these steps will make your beach resort vacation a success.  After preparing and packing, step out and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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  1. charmie ann javier says:

    Planning to have a beach outing with family is fun, but you need to consider lot of things.Plan it ahead in order to make it more organized.

    1. schedule- consider everybody’s schedule. especially if they need to file a leave from their work. Make the outing on a weekend so that you can stay up late without worrying to wake up early in the morning to go to work or school. Make sure that you’re not going to have a must have appointment the next day. You will surely get tired the whole day and its really hard to wake up in the next morning.
    2. Look for a venue from in the internet, brochures or even from referrals, know their rates, facilities and services they are offering.It is important also to know their rules and regulations so that you may know what to bring or do and what should not.
    3. Budget- consider it to maximized the activities, venue, food and transportation and buying other stuffs. Its awkward to have an outing with small amount of money on the pocket.

    4. Once you have decided the place, book it as soon as possible to have a reservation especially if it is peak season.

    5. Plan your foods and go to grocery store or market ahead of time to avoid cramming, at least if you forget something, you still have time to buy.Buying foods in the resort’s restaurant or store is really expensive.

    6. If you are using a private vehicle, make sure you check everything like the break, tires, tools and etc.

    7. Bring necessary things and bring things that you can actually carry especially when you are not using a private vehicle.

  2. whimsical1207 says:

    During the summer going to the beach is the most fun to do. You can do many things that are great bonding sessions and memorable for family members. Of course first and foremost you can swim at the beach. Many beach resorts also offer other activities for the family like beach volleyball, banana boat ride, fishing, kayaking and others. In the evening the family can enjoy lighting a bonfire and roasting marshmallows or just plain sharing of stories that are funny or scary. Going away to the beach as a family during the summer is a great way to strengthen ties and make family members become closer and have an open realtionship with each other.

  3. starry09 says:

    I and my family always go and have fun at the beach every summer. It’s our way to get out of our busy schedules and just bond together with our relatives. A few weeks before our outing, we search the internet for great beach locations and check their availability, costs, pictures, and maps. I try to look at testimonials of other visitors of the beach if they recommend it. Then after choosing the best beach location, I make a checklist of food to prepare for the outing. I write all the necessary ingredients needed and budget them. It is a good idea to use disposable plates and cups on the outing because it will be much easier to bring.

  4. One tip for planning a beach outing getaway–always call the facility in advance. Ask them of any discounts they can give you by booking in advance or a family package. Usually resorts give out generous discounts specially if you hint them that you are thinking of going to another resort with a better deal. Do not be afraid to haggle and negotiate. Even if this should be a time for you and your closest family and friends to enjoy and let go of work’s stress, you should still stick to the budget. You would not want any unwanted problems after the outing.

  5. Mark Gonzales says:

    Another tip is to bring a portable stove for cooking. You can go at the local market in the place you’re going and shop for food, I’m sure seafood will be cheap there being near the sea and all. By doing this your make sure that your family eats clean and nutritious food and your doing this while saving money! Another good tip is bringing a tent if available, camping on the beach front while having a bonfire is a sure way to make memories with the family. Just make sure that the surrounding in the beach is safe for the whole family. Don’t forget to pack mosquito repellent if you’re planning to camp the night out. And oh don’t forget the hotdogs and marshmallows! 😀

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