How to Pack Baby Items for Your Family Vacation

A lot of first-time parents make the habit of packing too much of everything when they take their little bundle of joy with them on a trip.  Be it to the beach, to their Grandma’s in Oklahoma, or just to the mall, parents can be seen juggling a baby basket on one hand, a large diaper bag slung on one shoulder, a stroller or buggy in the other, and the boarding pass scrunched up in one pocket.  However, most of these things don’t even get used.  Here’s how to travel just right with all the necessary items for your baby but still have a hand free to scratch that itch or hold your spouse’s hand.

Step 1:  Pack enough clothes.

Be sure to bring just the right amount of baby clothes for your trip as babies tend to be messy little creatures who need to be changed up to three times a day.  However, don’t go overboard and pack in everything from little swimsuits to thick sweaters.  The perfect trick is to pack light by choosing many clothes that can be layered on when needed.  Just in case a drop or a rise in temperature occurs, you can just pull on or off a shirt to make your baby comfortable.

Step 2:  Leave out the toys.

If your baby is still very young, he or she won’t even have any use for a toy just yet. However, pack in that special blankie or stuffed toy to keep your baby comfortable.  Leaving out the toys and other baubles not only gives you enough storage for other necessary items such as diapers, wipes, food, and medicine, you also won’t have a hard time keeping track of all your baby toys.

Step 3:  Invest in multi-functional and lightweight carriers.

Many times you see parents lugging two to three different carriers and even two or more bags for the baby’s supplies when travelling.  To avoid the confusion, bring along multi-functional carriers made from lightweight material.  Buy a diaper bag that has enough compartments to store all your baby’s needs as well.

An extra piece or two of each item is also recommended when you’re planning to take a long trip.  Babies need a lot of extra care and attention and packing in all of their needs in a more organized manner makes travelling easy and memorable for your family.

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  1. To avoid packing too much, find the most suitable items needed for the trip.If you are going to the beach , list down the things that you need to bring like sunscreen , hat and floaters. In every trip you must consider the most vital need for the baby. Organize everything so that you wont have difficulty in finding the items.Consider the duration of your trip. Itemize everything, separate clothes from lotions and toiletries to avoid spills. Always bring along your first- aid kit and medicines. Combine bottles, milk and vitamins, these are the things commonly used and put this in the most accessible area of your baggage Choose the clothes you will be bringing according to the weather and temperature.This way you wont bother bringing sleeveless cotton shirt on winter.

  2. In the past, I always overdo packing for my babies. I tend to pack too much clothes for just a day at the beach. But now, I use this technique so I can pack light, may it be for an afternoon malling or a week-long vacation.

    -count the hours, or days, you plan to be away from home. If you and your baby will be away for just 3-4 hours, estimate the number of times the baby will need diaper change. Bring only the estimated number of diapers and clothes PLUS an additional piece or two in case of “emergencies”.

    -Choose non-bulky feeding bottles to bring on your travel. Purchase a special stack-able formula container so you don’t have to bring the whole can.

    -you can use a baby carrier in which you can carry your baby close to your body and your hands will be free to carry the things that you need to bring.

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