5 Steps to Maximum Fun on a Disney World Vacation

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1. What is the good time to visit Disney world?
2. Why should stay at Disney world resort hotel?
3. Why should consider getting the park hopper upgrade option in visiting Disney world?
4. Why reserve your meals in advance at Disney world?
5. Why get up early and map your ride agenda in disney world?

There are plenty of vacation destinations out there that don’t require a whole lot of planning outside of your transportation and lodging. Disney World, in my opinion, is not one of them. That is not to say that you can’t have fun going to the park “on a whim”, but at the very least you will waste a lot of time waiting in line. Follow these five steps to maximize your fun at Disney, and minimize the time you spend waiting for it to happen.

Step 1: Choose the best time to go.
You’ve probably heard that the off seasons like winter and fall are good times to visit Disney World. This is absolutely true if you looking for the smallest crowds. But there are plenty of other things to keep in mind before choosing your dates. Disney hosts special events throughout the year, and some of them are aligned with exclusive discount offers. Don’t let crowd levels become your only factor for when you book.

Step 2: Stay in a Disney World resort hotel.
When it comes to ease of getting around and saving time, there is no bigger asset than staying onsite at Disney World. Yes you will pay a bit more for the privilege, but they offer several different categories of accommodations to fit any budget. From Value Resorts to Luxury Resorts, you should have no trouble finding a property that fits all your needs. And even though the per night rate may be higher than an offsite hotel, the package prices you get by combining park tickets with room nights can make up some of the difference.

Step 3: Plan for one day at each park.
When you buy your park tickets you’ll see the Park Hopper upgrade option that allows you to visit any and all parks in a single day. This is a nice idea for flexibility, but in reality you can easily spend one full day at each of the four parks within Disney World. That makes for four full days of activity, and that can easily turn into five if you choose to visit the water parks. With that in mind, a five to seven day vacation is your best choice to get the most for your money.

Step 4: Reserve your meals in advance.
If it takes you an hour to plan and make reservations for the best dining experiences at Disney World, then your return on investment will likely be seven hours. What I mean is, not having a dining agenda will cost you several hours in wait times and debates over where to eat. This is time you could be spending at the parks, or on an evening stroll with ice cream in-hand! But to achieve this, you’ll need to make reservations at least 3 months before your trip.

Step 5: Get up early and map out your ride agenda.
I know most people feel like sleeping in on vacation, or at least enjoying a sit-down breakfast before their day at the park. Obviously you are free to make that choice, but know that the shortest lines are usually in the morning hours. Disney has a FastPass system that allows you to return to the front of the line at a designated time for certain rides. However, even the FastPasses often get scooped up before Noon on a busy day. You are better off getting up early and taking a nap before dinner.

So there you have it, 5 steps to maximizing your fun at Disney World! If you are the type of person who hates waiting in long lines then use these simple strategies to minimize your aggravation. After all, we go on vacation to have fun, and not to wait around for it.

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    Disney makes traveling with even the youngest children easy and fun for everyone. While the memories may fade for young children, you will always remember the magic of bringing even the youngest children to Disney World.

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