Fall Duck & Canadian Geese Hunters are a Special Breed

Duck and Canadian Geese hunters are a breed all of their own.  Whether you like to hunt wild game , or even wonder if its right and moral there is one thing or two .  First of all to gaze at these creatures , especially in their trademark “V” flying formations and wonder to the creator how on earth these birds know how to prepare , practice and then fly all the way from Canada and the Northern U.S. States all the way to the Gulf of Mexico is truly amazing.  There is little doubt about that.  Secondly to those who live to hunt with their hunting buddies – its the best thing in life to look forward to each and every year.

Duck Hunting Provides the Most Hunting for the Most Recreational Hunters:

Of all the birds hunted on the North American continent – Canada, the USA &  Mexico, ducks can be said to probably provide the most sport for the greatest number of hunters indeed  It has been said that the “sport” of duck hunting ( for the hunter but most likely not for the ducks), is also the most diverse. Other experts in the outdoor-persons field have also stated that simple duck-hunting is among the most complex  and indeed complicated of all the “shot-gunning”  sports.  While this may be true in some locales it may not hold water in other regional hunting centers and areas.
Hunting Difficulty & Hunt Preparation Can Vary Depending on both the Area & Waterfowl Density:
In the sparsely populated areas where ducks and other waterfowl do congregate in huge numbers come fall seasons, scarcely little more than a shot-gun  and a pair of hip boots are needed to take a daily or weekend limit of ducks overall.  Yet in most parts of the North American and Mexican continent, successful duck and water-fowl hunting involves more complex and even complicated gunning rigs and equipment overall.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/1893825048/

The Two Types of Sportsmen Duck Waterfowl Hunters :Fanatics & Part Time Occasional Types:

For the above reasons it can be emphatically held and stated  that duckhunters are either “dyed-in-the-wool”  fanatic types who go about their sport most seriously and scientifically or alternatively those who take a shot at a duck hunting opening day, and thereafter only after the chance or opportunity presents itself while hunting other wild game.  They might just as well be playing walk the dog with a Yo-Yo at a golf tee at the narrows.

A “V-Formation”  Flock of Ducks – Always Awe-Inspiring:

Yet if there are two things those who gaze at a flock of ducks overhead in “Vee” formation will think at this site above them .  Either the amazement that these simple creatures do this each or every year – or alternatively that the worst day spent hunting with your hunting buddies at Lake Manitoba Narrows is better than the best day spent back home working and that indeed that they are simply put in paradise itself.

Ashern Riverton

Riverton is an outdoorsman from way back.  Indeed his Manitoba interlake Icelandic uncle Baldur told him – Ashern you are going to hunt and fish all of the wildlife and indeed the walleye fish of Lake Manitoba itself.  Luckily uncle Baldur was only part ways correct when it came to his nephew young Mr. Riverton.  In this era Canadian walleye fish are strictly labelled “Pickerel”  as in “Lake Winnipeg Pickerel” by Manitoba Fish & Natural Resources government fishing inspectors.

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