Essential Gear To Start Motocross

Motocross (often shortened to MX) is a dangerous sport. Accidents occur often and can sometimes be quite serious in a bad situation. Motocross gear is essential to help protect you in case of an incident, and it goes without saying that it’s often the reason there isn’t more deaths inside the sport. The truth is that good motocross gear saves lives.

But choosing what gear to go for when you start can be difficult. The simple answer is to pick up everything as all of it has a vital use. Here’s a longer answer of the reasons why:

Helmet and goggles

The helmet is often considered the most important piece of gear any rider can have, whether it’s on or off road. On the road, helmets are a legal requirement in most places due to their importance.

Your head is one of the most important parts of your body. In the event of a crash any damage to it can be fatal or leave you with serious disabilities. Helmets reduce the risk of damage to your head drastically, leaving riders walking away from crashes that they would have otherwise died from regularly.

The first piece of gear you invest in should be a helmet.

Goggles protect your eyes from dirt and other bits on the track. With a tear off system also installed, you can clean the dirt from them in a second by pulling off the dirty visor and leaving the clear one underneath.

Vision is vital in motocross, so invest in a good set of goggles after you’ve got the helmet.

MX boots

Some people will ride their motorbikes in ordinary boots. However, MX boots are often considered the second most important piece of riding gear for a good reason.

Your feet and lower legs are at great risk to getting hurt while riding a motocross bike. MX boots protect your feet from twisting and bending into unnatural and harmful positions in a crash, and the hardened end protects your toe from anything like a stray bikes motocross tyre running over your foot.

Chest protector

Chest and back protectors help to spread the force of a crash over a larger area, minimalizing the effect and damage on one particular spot. Not only that, the protector works like body armour and the tough plastic the protector is made from can protect your body from cuts.

Neck Brace

While your helmet protects your head and the body armour protects your chest, you’ll also need something to protect your neck from twisting and bending in a nasty way.

Neck braces can do wonders for saving your neck from serious injury in a crash. Any damage to your neck can have very bad consequences to your health, which is why they’re so important.

Other gear

Knee pads are also recommended to protect your knees in a fall. Your knees can get damaged easily if you land on them, so protection is a great idea.

You should also buy a motocross jersey, gloves and trousers. Trousers are thick and protect your legs from the hot engine; gloves can save your fingers from cuts and a jersey allows your skin to breathe while racing.

This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Ride Direct, retailers of MX boots and motocross tyres. To find out more about MX boots or motocross tyres, visit their site.

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