What to Do When Your Parents Disapprove of Your Relationship

All parents only want the best for their children, and it’s particularly heartbreaking when they see their little girl dating anyone less than a prince. As their daughter, you want to please your parents and make them proud of you. If they disapprove of your relationship, here are a few things you can do about it.

Make a Sincere Attempt to Change Their Minds

If your parents hate your new boyfriend, they probably don’t know him very well. If they’re being judgmental, you should at least try to change their minds. Ask your parents and your boyfriend if they would feel comfortable having dinner together or playing a game of Monopoly. A neutral activity that everyone enjoys can help break the ice. Let them know how important it is to you that they at least open themselves up to getting to know your boyfriend a little better. Most parents who care about their daughter won’t refuse to do something that matters so much to her.
Talk to Your Boyfriend About It

It can be a hard subject to discuss, but you should talk to your boyfriend about your parents’ feelings toward him. Is he aware of how they feel? Maybe there is something in particular he does that they don’t like, and if he wants to win them over he could consider changing it or toning it down around them. Maybe they have no fair reason for disliking him, and you should talk to your boyfriend about how you want to handle things in the future. If the two of you are intent on staying together, you’ll try to come up with the least painful solution.
Take a Good, Honest Look at Your Relationship

This can be the hardest thing to do, but you should stop for a moment and consider what your parents are saying to you. Could they actually be right? When you’re blinded by love or lust, it’s very hard to see the flaws in your relationship or the person you’re with. However, the people who are closest to you will notice the flaws immediately. The truth is that your parents care about you a lot, and they want you to be happy and with a good partner. If your parents don’t like your boyfriend, maybe they have a legitimate reason that you should consider a little more carefully. Lots of times, they’re right.
Ignore Them and Move On

If your parents simply won’t come to their senses or even consider changing their minds, you might have to give up on trying to convince them. It’s never easy to be in a relationship that your parents don’t approve of, but you have to consider your own happiness first. If you and your boyfriend truly love each other and make each other happy, you should not let your parents’ opinions stop you from enjoying that. As much as you can, try to ignore their criticisms. Don’t talk about your relationship in front of them, and go on with your life.

Michelle Leigh is a self proclaimed relationship expert and fashionista who loves to write about her passions. Her goal is to survive her teen years with a minimum amount of dating mistakes.

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  1. I felt uneasy when some relationship experts talks about what should be done especially when it involves the relationship between parents and children. Though she mentions the importance of knowing the mind of one’s parents, she hesitated in pointing out the most important responsibility of children to their parents, that is, being obedient (Ephesians 6:1). Anyway, this may only apply to Christian parenting. If a parent is not Godly, then I think any one can follow the suggestion of this author.

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