What Kind of Men Are You Attracting With Your Wardrobe?

You always want to put your best foot forward when you go out on the prowl. Men are very visual; Mr. Right won’t even look your way if the clothes aren’t pleasing to the eye. Guys size a woman up in one, long, sweeping glance. By the time they look at you from head to toe, they have made some serious conclusions. You’re either good enough to take home to mama, or just hot enough for a one night stand. There’s nothing wrong with those sexy Saturday night club dresses, but you have to dress for the job you want (woman in a relationship), not the job you have (single lady).

What Type of Guy Are You Looking For?

Implement a strategy and consider what type of man you want in your life. Corporate guys may prefer tight pencil skirts, button down Oxford shirts and leopard stilettos. Athletic guys may like a Boho casual sexy look that’s more relaxed, with wedge heels. Styles too revealing may turn off just the one you’ve been waiting for. Every woman wants to look sexy, but that doesn’t have to be synonymous with trashy or cheap.

Perfect Balance

Sassy swag is all about a complete look with definition and class. You want to exude an air of sensuality as opposed to “sex”. It leaves a little mystery and makes the man curious about what’s underneath the clothes. If you come out showing too much, it takes his mind directly to one place. As a rule of thumb, keep your extremes to a minimum. For example, if your dress is short it should not be strap-less and sequined. That’s too much exposure at once. All that visual information is too much for the man’s mind, he can’t process all that. His mind zeros in on what’s open and exposed to him. When your legs, shoulders, and back are out, that screams cheap. If it’s sequined on top of that, you are sending the wrong message.

For a fun, flirty look try club dresses made out of jersey fabric, with certain design elements. The length should be about 2-3 inches above the knee with any of the following top halves: draped necklines, cowl necklines, scoop necklines, and bustier style bodices. You can go strapless if the hem is the appropriate length, and any sleeve without high volume works with the silhouette. If dressing up isn’t an option try keeping it simple with a white/black/red tank top or t-shirt with skinny jeans or culottes if the weather permits.

If you want to catch the right guy, you have to set the right bait. Are trying to land a lifetime partner, or a temporary friendship? Dress like you’re somebody’s wife, but not like their grandma. Keep it sexy.

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