Online Dating – Matchmaking Technology That Works?

Technology Leading The Way

Let’s face it there are thousands of online dating websites out there and most are very similar to each other and don’t really offer anything new. Most people also don’t think too much about which site to sign up to and usually go for one that they’ve seen in the media or a friend has used. Typically you can browse profiles and search for people in your local area. Some dating sites like for example are going a step further.

Advanced Matchmaking

Some dating sites are now using complex algorithms to match singles with each other. In fact when you think about it, it makes sense. Taking hundreds of factors into account such as income, work, hobbies, interests etc… and using a computer program to match you with people who are looking for they type of person you are could just work! The biggest problem with traditional dating is that you don’t really know how compatible you are going to be until you’ve been on a few dates. The same could be said for online dating but at least by using a preference matching service you’re possible improving the chances of meeting someone who likes the same things as you. It’s not as far-fetched as it seems. Many things in our everyday lives are run by computers; our cars have on board computers to keep us safe our central heating is run by computer so why not our love loves? Some will undoubtedly consider it a step too far.


Does It Work?

So far this kind of technology has had mixed reactions. Some people love it and have had great experiences and other simply don’t believe in it at all. Of course really it is a mix of technology and traditional dating that come together to bring dating success. It’s not possible to rely on a computer to find you’re a perfect match as there are so many more dynamics involved than that. However it can be a starting point.

Mobile Dating

Online dating is one the move now also with many mobile apps designed to help you find love. All of the major online dating sites have them and there is significant growth in the online dating world. We’re all so busy these days that it’s inevitable that we’d want to be able to check in and view new potential partners wherever we are. Often the reason people sign up for dating sites is that they’re so busy they just don’t have the time in their day socialise and meet the traditional way.

Dan Slater is the author of the book Love in the Time of Algorithms. It covers the topic of matchmaking using algorithms in detail. Next time you’re filling out your online dating profile and they’re asking you to respond to all sorts of questions now you know why. By giving detailed information about your likes and dislikes you’re hopefully improving your chances of finding the perfect match. Whether you believe in it or not you have nothing to lose so why not sign up for one of the online dating sites that use such technology. An interesting experiment at the very least!

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