Improving Your Love Life: A Secret Ingredient

What You Have Already Read

There are many guides, books and magazine articles out there which are aimed at helping us all to improve our love life, and indeed our social relationships in general. The vast majority of these resources are extremely informative and generally helpful, but don’t you ever feel that they all take the same path? Whether it be diet, vitamins or other lifestyle tips, many of us read the latest libido improvement article out of sheer curiosity, yet end up feeling like it is actually the same old story.

One of the big issues which can have a severe impact on your relationships in general is whether or not you smoke. Being a smoker can severely limit your energy levels as well as distort other hormones and balances throughout your body, and a lot of the damage it causes is probably stuff that you do not even realise.

Impacts Of Smoking

Whether it be damage to your skin, discolouration of your teeth or the smell of smoke as it clings to your clothes and lingers seemingly forever, none of these are going to do you any favours when it comes to appearing attractive. By quitting smoking, you will be able to add a boost to all areas of your life, and ensure that your love life as well as your other important relationships can be restored to how they once were, or perhaps to an even greater extent.

Using e-cigarette cartridges is now one of the most popular methods for giving up smoking. These products enable the user to “smoke” an electronic cigarette and inhale a mist containing nicotine. This gives the user their usual nicotine fix from the e-cigarette cartridges, however, and crucially, means that the smoker is no longer inhaling damaging tar and other chemicals contained within cigarettes.

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Immediate Improvements

By coming away from traditional tobacco cigarettes and moving onto e-cigarette cartridges, users can expect to see benefits almost immediately. Whether they are intending to quit smoking in the longer term or not, even the huge benefits mentioned earlier will be enjoyed by individuals using e-cigarette cartridges. If you are seriously looking to try and quit smoking for the first time, or if you have had limited success in the past with other products such as nicotine patches and gum, try an e-cigarette cartridge for a brilliant alternative, and watch your libido sky rocket in a very short space of time.

Jasper and Jasper offers a cleaner and healthier alternative to the conventional cigarette in the form of e cigarettes. Importantly e cigarette cartridges do not contain damaging tar and other chemicals which can have the effect, among others, of deteriorating your libido.


  1. trashytoclassy says:

    I have friends who are a couple and the girl (yes, the girl) smokes and the guy can’t stop her from doing it. I almost saw them faltering because of her vice, but well; he loves her so it’s okay. I might have to redirect him here since he’s not aware of e-cigarettes and all or maybe tell him about it straight.

  2. aiza laureles says:

    my boyfriend is a heavy smoker. i believe this article can help me a lot in convincing him to reduce his nicotine intake gradually not just for the sake of our relationship but for his health too.

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