How to Make a Dating Profile

A dating profile is the first thing you should make when you join a dating site.  Through a dating profile, you can tell others about interesting facts about yourself and what you are looking for in your ideal man or woman.  A dating profile page is usually the first thing you should fill out after registering on an online dating site, and it can be done in a matter of minutes.  Here’s how:

Step 1:  Be positive.

Writing a negative profile is not something that potential date seekers are going to be drawn to, so keep your profile light.  Be optimistic.  A good tip is to write only about the things that you like or the things that interest you.  This is also one way to attract those with the same interests as yours.

Warning:  A profile with negative tone will only give the impression that you are someone who sees life through a glass half-full.

Step 2:  Be truthful.

Although it is easy to lie online, lying is not something you want to do to a potential date or a potential life partner.  You wouldn’t want to meet someone who is not who they seem, so do not do the same.

Warning:  Although we all get the urge to spice up our personalities online with a little sprinkles of half-truths here and there, lying can be hard to keep up and can only lead to confusing you or your online buddy.  If you do not want to be caught lying, don’t lie.

Step 3:  Try your best to come up with a unique profile.

A dull and boring profile will not attract other date seekers, so spice it up by not following a typical profile word for word.  Use creative descriptions, and give examples if you have to.

Warning:  This is an essential step if you want your profile to get noticed.   No matter how interesting you are in real life, if this is not transmitted through your profile, your profile will have a pretty good chance of being passed over for one that sounds more fun.

Step 4:  Post a picture.

This is the last part of making a profile. A picture is very important since it is the only thing that will prove that you are a real, breathing human being who is interested in a relationship.  The more interesting the picture, the better your chances of attracting potential dates.  You can post a picture by uploading  a photo from your computer or laptop.

Warning:  Be sure to post an attractive photo of yourself; it can be your favorite picture or one that’s most interesting.  Never post a picture of another person other than yourself, because you are trying to market yourself, not another person.  The people who are interested in your profile are going to be interested in you, not in the picture of a famous actress or supermodel that you happen to idolize.

Making a dating profile is fun and easy to do.  If you have finally decided to give online dating a try, be honest, be interesting, and steer clear from negative views when making your online profile.  Posting an attractive picture of yourself will not hurt, either.  Taking care in  making your dating profile will save you a lot of grief and confusion about why no one seems to be checking you out.  This will raise your chances of getting a good date online.

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  1. Lonely on a valentines day? Worry no more as technology helps you to have access on different social networking site which allows you to search for a person that matches your character. In joining a social networking site you must be specific details on the profile. Try marketing yourself and package it the way you want other people to know you. Write something good about yourself, your intentions in joining the site and character that you’ve been searching for. Be honest and diligent towards your profile as it reflects your personality. And lastly, post the best picture which you think you are gorgeous.

  2. Writing an Online Dating Profile is the same as writing a Resume. As always, be truthful in each and every word you write. If you’re 5 foot 9 inches tall, then write that, do not make yourself taller. People like it when someone is honest, and honesty is one way to attract dates. And also, pictures are also one way to attract potential dates. Statistics show that Women are more likely to judge mates on how they look. Silly as it may seem, that is the truth. Women most likely go for looks. So post your best picture, though Photoshop might offer help in this case, do not be tempted to edit every little detail of your face. Do you have pimples? Do not be shy. Instead of editing it with Photoshop, why not try visiting a dermatologist, so the next time you take a picture, you wouldn’t rely on Photoshop in making yourself look better.

  3. Most dating sites ask details about you and the person that you wanna date. So instead of just writing down the typical common adjectives , why don’t you write down the things that you wanted to do , places you wanted to go and details of the things that you really like. Detailed as it may be, please be careful not to exaggerate anything or your profile ends up boring. It’s also a way of your future date to take a little glimpse of your personality even just reading your profile and could see the compatibility factors between the two of you. Other prospects could also discover things that they wanted to know through this. As long as it is truthful , sincere and honest, you could never go wrong. In no time you will definitely find interested someone willing to know you better and in the race of winning your heart.

  4. starry09 says:

    I’ve known a lot of people trying out online dating in various websites. They tell me how exciting it is to open their account and see a few messages from potential dates. A dating profile is very important when you are serious with finding a real relationship. You would want to find that person who will adore you for just being you. You don’t need to lie on your profile because you are just creating a fake “you” that would be very hard to maintain. Lies will pile up to the point that you’re confusing the other person. Write down your strengths, your favorite things to do, or your goals. An online dating website has thousands of members and with those odds, there would be one person who will surely like you for who you really are.

  5. Do not pack your dating profile with your likes and interests as visitors of the site would only lightly scan it. Be brief and concise yet creative with the words you use. Avoid stereotype descriptions like outgoing, friendly or funny. Instead write that you would want a companion in your next hiking trip or would join you in guitar sessions. Do not lie about your experiences in life since usually your profile will be the topic on your first date. Be truthful and specific with what and where you have been to and you will have the time of your life.

  6. potrish78 says:

    Is it difficult to attract someone from the opposite sex through an internet dating website?
    With the available technology nowadays, it has become much easier to reach out to billions of people around the globe, therefore, it is almost effortless to find a potential mate through the use of internet dating websites.

    Focus on the picture. Attraction is the key to getting noticed among thousands of profiles in an online dating site. So, your profile picture must be gorgeous. It should be clear and close-up. Make sure that you have captured your perfect angle. Post pictures showing your most beautiful smile. Don’t post pictures wherein you are pouting. You will scare a potential date off. Your pictures show a bit of your personality. A pouting picture of you sends a signal that you are unexciting and boring. Unless you really are pretty good-looking that even when you pout, you still look great. Otherwise, flaunt that most stunning smile. The profile itself is just secondary. People tend to look at the picture first and later check on the profile for a peek through your personality. Uploading a profile picture is always the last step in creating a dating profile but you must first take a look at the pictures you have at hand before signing up.

  7. I totally agree that picture is a must in creating a profile in dating websites. I used to be a member of these kinds of websites and I usually don’t bother clicking on site members with no pictures. So post a picture of yourself, your most decent looking pretty picture. Avoid uploading a group picture, or a picture taken with your friends or office mates. Also avoid pictures that are taken from afar where your face is almost unrecognizable.

    And of course you have to be truthful about your profile but for safety purposes, avoid revealing too much information about yourself, where you work or where you live. because there are lots of creeps and perverts out there that maybe using the same dating websites that you’re presently using.

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