How to Look Good for the Valentines Date

You’ve made all the necessary preparations to make your Valentine’s date perfect. Whether you and your date will spend Valentine’s at a fancy restaurant or just chill out comfortably at home, you will still need to look your best. What should be done to make sure you look your best on that special day? Read on to find out.

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Steps on preparing for the Valentine’s date

Here are a few things you should do before that big date on Valentine’s Day.

1. Sleep early the night before.

This will calm your nerves and make you feel rested.

2. Do some mental rehearsals.

A week before the Valentine’s date, make a run-through of how the date should progress mentally. This mental rehearsal will give you confidence that things will turn out fine. While you are rehearsing inside your head, the real-life preparations shouldn’t be left out. Call the restaurant to double-check your reservations and confirm if they have done all your requests.

3. Get into top-to-toe pampering.

A few hours before the date, take a shower and prepare yourself from your hair down to your toenails. Make sure you will look clean, presentable, and smell good.

4. Listen to music or sing.

While dressing up, lighten your mood by listening to relaxing music. If you want to, sing some happy songs.

5. Smile.

All the preparations and expectations could be making you anxious. By smiling, you can ease up a bit of the pressure and actually start to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Tips and reminders

If you are dining out, consider paying the bill ahead or ask the wait staff to let you know if the bill is already prepared so you can pay it away from the table. Telling your date that it is already paid adds some class to your Valentine’s date. Valentine’s Day can be stressful as anxiety and pressure before and during a big date often happens. By doing a bit of calming activities and preparing well, these can be avoided.

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  1. Mary Rose Navoa says:

    How do I avoid feeling stressed during Valentine’s day?

    whenever you are feeling stressed, take a stand against over-scheduling cut out the activity for a while and opt for something or someone which is important to you. Dont try to be perfect. the stress become more worse when you expect others to be perfect…and also…try to learn to think date as a opportunity. Consider stressors as temporally problems not the disaster. Aim the goal for the date and pave the way for the same. being optimistic and believing in oneself is teh major factor to get rid of stress.

  2. whimsical1207 says:

    Valentine’s day date or anniversary date or first date are important events that one should always prepare for. I always make sure that I am on time when going on a date. In cases when my date is late I do not overly stress myself by thinking why is my date late or maybe my date stood me up. I try to read something while waiting up or maybe watch tv. When I am agitated I try to calm myself and think of how I will be enjoying the night ahead.

  3. Looking good on a valentines date lies on the preparation you have made a day or two before the said the event. An individual should choose the best dress or attire he / she thinks really suited for him / her. As our dress or attire reflects who you are and what we are as a person. It gives your date an impression on how you present your self in public. Also always give the best smile you have as a smile is worth a thousand words.

  4. Always have a back-up plan. If things don’t go out the way as planned, do not be frustrated, rather capitalize on the opportunity and make impromptu decisions. This will show your date that though you know how to plan, in the midst of adversity, you can also cope well and is able to think up of things along the way. Remember not to limit yourself to wearing red. Red isn’t the only color of valentines, though it is commonly used, wearing Red while seeing others doing the same too would make you look like a pack of dancers ready to dance. So mix and match, wear black, blue, or something that depends on your taste and your date’s preferences.

  5. starry09 says:

    Preparing for valentines day can be very stressful at times. What should I wear? What will we do? Will she enjoy what I have prepared for her? These are just common questions that can really drive you crazy when preparing for the big day. The best thing to do is to calm down and think that this day is gonna be exciting and nothing’s gonna ruin it. Your date would probably be as nervous as you are so just make sure that you keep yourself and your date as comfortable as possible. As long as you’ve done all preparations well, everything will turn out fine.

  6. While waiting for your date to get ready at his house, you can calm your nerves by reading a good book. It will help you calm your nerves and avoid the awkward moments with your date’s parents in the living room. You will look sophisticated and well-mannered. Do not listen to your ipod or mp3 as this may be construed to be rude. When your reading a book, they can easily catch your attention. Be always ready with questions like what kind of work you do as this is usually what most fathers or brothers would ask to make sure that their family member will be taken cared of.

  7. How do you ensure that things will happen as planned during a Valentine’s date? Make sure you prepared well for the Valentine’s date and you have ensured all plans are set into place.

    2. What should I do while waiting for my date? The best way to ease boredom as you wait for your date is to go the comfort room and check on yourself, fix your hair a bit, check on your face for any blemish, and see if you have any dirt on your clothes. If your date has not arrived still, while away the time on your cell phone and if it is equipped with wi-fi, go get online and check your Facebook or twitter account.

    3. How do I avoid feeling stressed during Valentine’s day? This will also lessen your stress as you await your date as you keep your mind occupied with entertaining thoughts.

  8. potrish78 says:

    I will suggest pampering yourself at least three days before the actual date. This suggestion goes out to both men and women. Go get a whole body massage. This helps relax your tensed muscles and helps improve your blood’s circulation. Take long luxurious baths. If you can’t afford a whole body massage, avail of the foot spa. This is cheaper and you will still get your feet massaged. But if you are tight on a budget, you can still look your best with these improvised beauty care tip. Grab a medium sized carrot, cut it into really small pieces and apply it to your face. Leave it there overnight, and then wash it off the next morning. Carrots help remove your wrinkles for a younger looking skin. Put a slice of cucumber or a wet teabag onto your eyes the night before your date. It will help remove black circles around your eyes.

  9. gracette says:

    A valentines date is great especially for the first time. But for first timers, it will be a pressure to prepare everything most especially themselves. The author is right, sleep early the night before. Having enough sleep will make you feel better the next day. But before the special day, prepare the clothes that you will be wearing and the things that you will bring. But don’t over do it. I mean, don’t bring your make up set if your a girl. You may go to the spa so that you will feel relaxed. Also, don’t over-think of that date, i mean, don’t think what will happen next after the date because it is yet to come. On the day of your valentines day, just relax and be yourself. Treat your date special even if it is for that day only. Get to know well your date so that you won’t pick the food that she is allergic on or dislike the food. Make her/him feel comfortable during the night. Open conversations that is not controversial or subjective. But don’t forget to smile always.

  10. Would I be wrong if I said that mobile dating is being seeked out by the younger generation that are already connecting with their social circle from the comfort of their homes through a computer? Mobile dating is something new, and most people welcome something new, especially something new that is “old” at the same time. Dating between peeps has always been around, it is the way people connect that has changed over time. It will be interesting to see how it evolves into the current social media spectrum and the explosion mobile use.

  11. Looking good on Valentine’s day is good but if your partner is really into you, then you don’t have to worry about looking good. All you need to do is to be yourself and be presentable because “Being YOU” is what brought you to your Valentine in the first place. It’s not the looks. It’s the chemistry between you and your partner that would make your Valentine’s day productive.

  12. yvonne t. says:

    For “dates” I believe the key for having a happy an successful date is actually being yourself. Getting prepared and stuff is just the half of it. For ladies, you should also be mindful on what you’re wearing. Be sexy yet not to revealing. Go with something elegant and classy but also you should know first you’re itinerary so you can prepare on the clothes you’re wearing. You must establish a good impression to your date, especially when its you first date together, as they’ve said “first impressions last”. Lastly, you should be confident enough to handle the date. Remember, its a date, and the best opportunity to actually let the person know more about you.

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