How to Choose the Perfect Valentines Gift

The smell of roses and chocolates is in the air, which only means that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While these two traditional gifts are very much appreciated, there are a lot of other options for your loved one. The question is, how do you choose which is the perfect gift?

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Steps on choosing a Valentine’s gift

Here are five simple steps to help you choose a Valentine’s gift.

1. For a gift to be special, it should be unique and interesting to the recipient. Have the gift match your partner’s hobbies. It can be a set of quality luggage if your partner likes to travel or the latest hot gadget if your partner likes tech-y stuff.

2. Listen carefully as your partner may be dropping hints. Days before Valentine’s, be extra sensitive as your partner may be subtly telling you what he or she wants for Valentine’s Day.

3. Ask your partner. Practical people will like this. You’ll be sure that what you bought will be appreciated.

4. Surprise your partner with an unexpected treat. Do something out of the ordinary. Things like breakfast in bed if you’re usually a late riser, a day of shopping even if you normally hate shopping, etc.

5. Quit a bad habit. During Valentine’s Day, you can declare to your partner that you will be quitting a bad habit or stop doing something that annoys him or her. For example, quitting smoking can be the perfect Valentine’s gift you can give.

Tips and reminders

When your Valentine’s gift includes going to a fancy restaurant, be sure that you already have tried eating there at least once to know the level of service and the quality of food. A special day such as Valentine’s is the worst time to experience unpleasant surprises. If your surprise gift involves traveling, necessary preparations should be done beforehand regarding both your schedules to avoid hassles.

While traditional gifts are still appreciated, there’s no better way to celebrate a special day than by doing or giving special things. It doesn’t have to be expensive. What is important is that the person who gets your present will appreciate it a lot.

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  1. Mary Rose Navoa says:

    How do you choose which is the perfect gift?
    It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many websites that offer gifts, they range from t-shirts or other apparel to coffee mugs, mouse pads, posters, cooking aprons, skateboards, caps, shoes, the list is endless.If you know your intended recipients personality you could use a joke or humorous saying or even a picture or drawing to personalize your gift.You can even add to the design or give it your own personal twist. Its very easy as the process is very intuitive and hassle free.The only limit is your imagination. Go to the site and take a look at what is available, you may even be inspired.As you can see you can make a gift that nobody else has. It’s guaranteed to be meaningful and unique gift to the person, and they certainly wont get a duplicate from someone else. What better way can there be to show someone how much they mean to you, when they see the thought and effort you have put into the gift you have given.

  2. love_to_read says:

    How can I make sure that my partner will like my gift? Unfortunately there is no assurance that he or she will like it, though you can be certain that he or she will appreciate your effort of giving token of love for this season. While going out and giving gifts is the best common practice, a more creative way of celebrating valentine’s day is to give your wife/ husband a day off from doing his/ her household chores. Would it not be much much economical and funny at the same time to be at your husband or wife’s disposal?

  3. valentines day is a time for hearts and joy for two person who shares their love for each other.

    finding a valentines gift for one partner is very difficult. you will have many questions that pops in your mind like “what does he/she likes?” or “white or red roses?”. this day is a very crucial part for both lovers but come to think of it, choosing one’s gift is easy as one, two, three. here are some tips that i can share with you.

    first, know what your partner wants, know what she or he likes. then try to canvas affordable but very beautiful and special gift for him or her.

    then for the guy, in finding a restaurant, be sure that both of you like the place where you will spend your date.

    lastly, be yourself! don’t act anyone that you are not, this can ruined everything

    the most important thing this valentines day is the love and sincerity that you share with each other.

  4. whimsical1207 says:

    Valentine’s gift for your loved one need not be expensive. A very simple card will be enough especially if the words that are written are sincerely said. A single rose will be appreciated as long as it is given with love. A hug will suffice with the promise that hugs and cuddles will always be given in the future. A promise will be enough as long as it will be kept for all time. Gifts do not need to be expensive as long as they come from the heart.

  5. only4jade19 says:

    Valentine’s day is time for two people to celebrate their love for each other and thanking God for having each other. You do not need an expensive material gift for it to be perfect. You just have to be sincere when you say that you love your guy or girl. A simple words I love you very much or you are my life and thank you for having me in your life is enough for a person to feel loved and cared for. You just have to put all your effort on those words and everything will be perfect.

  6. Choosing the best valentine gift lies on the personality of the person receiving it. A person should bear in mind that a gift should symbolize the character or the personality of the receiver. It should compliment on the totality of the individual. Price is not an issue as long as it matches the receivers behavior and personality. Buy an item which you think is an immediate need or an item which the receiver really aims to have it. It maybe small or big, expensive or not as long as it provides comfort, enjoyment and happiness to the receiver.

  7. Though commonly thought of as something expensive and classy, such as jewelry or a bouquet of roses plus chocolates. The Perfect Valentine’s Gift entirely depends on how well you can think of something special, and your date’s preference. If she’s into arts, then why not try painting/drawing a portrait for her? If blessed enough with the skill to draw, why not draw her on the spot? This would not only surprise her, but would make her think that you are sweet and this would be a great way to show off your talents. You could also try baking a cake, put icing on it and design it in a way that would make her really appreciate with what you’ve done. All in All, effort is what women look for in men. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, as long as you pour your heart into it, the receiver would more than appreciate what you’ve done for him/her.

  8. Giving a gift to a special someone doesn’t need to be as expensive as you think. Before you buy, you need to know the person better, do some research. Ask his/her friends, know what are his/her favorites to get some tips. When you had enough idea, try to find something that is as simple as it could be as long as it comes from your heart. She would appreciate more if you give more effort. It doesn’t matter how simple or expensive it would be. And most important is make her comfortable as you enjoy the moment.

  9. Another gift idea is making her a scrapbook for the time that you two have been together. Women loves to keep memorabilia and she will be surprised to know you have the same thing in common. Try keeping receipts of your previous dates, old movie tickets or a random picture at the mall. You can easily print out templates or sample designs on the internet. Have your friends help you out. She will surely love it and would be proud of you for making the extra effort in your valentine’s gift rather than giving her something that you can buy in the malls.

  10. When choosing a Valentine gift, make sure that you are giving this to him or her with love. There’s no need for it to be very expensive. Actually, a kiss on the lips is already a great valentine gift. People have different perspective so we sometimes become confused. Others prefer for it to be simple and there are those who prefer or likes for it to be classy. But if its going to be a valentines gift, just giving a gift with love is enough to satisfy your partner if he or she truly loves you. This is only my opinion. As long as you love the person and show that person that you care about him or her, then that is enough to be classified as perfect valentine gift.

  11. showerlist says:

    Choosing a perfect valentine’s gift requires careful observation. In giving valentine’s gifts, i have always kept this golden rule in mind: Get him something that he has always wanted but would never get for himself. Getting this kind of a gift means that you really care because you took the time to notice what he wanted. It really works and you’re both happy, you for making your loved one happy and him because he got what he wanted. Do not go to those websites claiming to have the perfect gifts because all they offer are gifts that are a bit impersonal and unthoughtful.

  12. For me, the perfect Valentine gift is spending the whole day together with my love one away from office works, ward calls,assignments, problems, temptations, disturbing relatives, annoying friends, crazy neighbors, in short, I want to spend the Whole Valentines Day intimately with my love one. That’s the greatest gift ever!!!

  13. yvonne t. says:

    I love surprises, regardless its something I don’t really like that much, because I believe that the thought really counts. I love giving surprise gifts to my love ones especially whenever I see their reactions once they open the gift. In buying the perfect gift or rather the best gift for your love ones first you should know what they really wanted. Now if you can’t afford to buy the thing he or she wanted, why not settle for something different or something he/she haven’t received yet. Have a personal touch in your gifts, not it only gives you a unique gift but also it shows that you put so much effort just to make it.

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