Do’s and Don’ts of First Date Fashion

When getting ready for a date, most people want to make sure they look their very best. You only get one chance to make an amazing first impression. Style is objective, and what looks great on one person might look terrible on another. However, there are some tried and true fashion basics that tend to work well on a first date, as well as some items that are best reserved for when you are comfortable with someone. Here is what you should, and shouldn’t, wear on a first date.

Don’t wear anything you’re uncomfortable in. It doesn’t matter how great a dress or jacket looks on the rack if you are squirming and constantly having to adjust it while you’re wearing it. If you feel uncomfortable, you’re going to look uncomfortable and it will take away from the fun you’re having on your date.

Do wear something you’ve worn before. Some people have a uniform of sorts-they’ve found what works for them, and if it ain’t broke why fix it? Maybe your uniform is a great pair of well fitting jeans and a shirt that makes you feel confident. It might not be the most creative outfit, but if you feel great, you’ll look great.

Don’t spend a lot of money on new clothes for a date. It might be tempting to run out and buy a brand new outfit before a big date, but what if you don’t even end up liking your date all that much? Don’t spend money on impressing them until you know they are worth it.

Do dress appropriately for the occasion. You shouldn’t wear the same thing on a casual day date that you would to a fancy restaurant for dinner and drinks. If your date is the one planning the outing, it’s ok to ask persistently what you should wear. Nothing can put a damper on a date more than poor outfit choices. If you’re the one planning the date and want to keep it a surprise, your date will no doubt appreciate a bit of insight on what to wear.

Don’t stress about what to wear. It’s highly unlikely that your fashion choices, no matter how good or bad, will make or break your date. If you are connecting with your date, it won’t be because of what you’re wearing. Being a good date is more than just showing up and looking great. Your personality, and how fun the date is will be what truly matters.

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