4 Types Of Guys To Avoid

Not all men are created equal. Some are worth your time, while others will just end up hurting you in the end. It may surprise you that it’s not just the players that make women consider running off and joining a convent.

Below are 4 types of guys to avoid at all costs.

The Rebounder

If a guy constantly finds a way to bring up his ex-girlfriend in conversation, chances are he’s not over her yet, and is using you to help him forget. Saying things like “She used to do that” or “This reminds me of her” shows that his head, and his heart, are stuck in the past, and not ready to move forward. If his break-up was less than 3 months ago, realize that he may need some time before he’s ready for another relationship. Give him time, but don’t waste your time waiting.

The Man-Boy

He’s long since left the frat house, yet he still thinks that doing keg stands and playing pranks on his friends is an ideal Saturday night, or maybe he feels like he doesn’t need a “real job” and prefers to skateboard all day…whatever it is, he’s stuck in his teenage years, and has a raging case of Peter Pan syndrome (I’ll never grow up) and you aren’t his mama, or his bank. If you want something to take care of and worry about, get a puppy, not a boyfriend.

The Cheap-O

Yep, it’s 2012 and we aren’t going to tell you who should be paying for your dates-you can decide that. But if you find yourself paying for everything, always-especially when he asks you to hang out, or constantly being asked to borrow money…time to raise the red flag. Could be he’s looking for a sugar mama or a walking bank, rather than a girlfriend.

The Mamas Boy

If a guy lives in his mother’s basement, allowing her to do his laundry, cook his favorite meals and make his bed, there is only one thing you can do. RUN. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with a guy who expects to be waited on hand and foot…you know, just like Mom did, and he won’t understand why that’s a problem. Nobody will ever compare to his mother, and it’s not even worth trying-do you want the responsibility of teaching an adult male how to make his bed? Pass.

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