Cigars and Spirits: The Perfect Winter Pairings

Cigars and spirits go hand-in-hand and they are the perfect pairing for a cold winter day. Whether you choose hand-rolled cigars or little cigars, you can choose from a variety of alcoholic beverages such as brandy, cognac and port. Some of the popular pairings are described below.

Dark Rum and Maduro Cigars

Rum is a popular beverage for the winter months because they have a warm and deep flavor. The exact cigar that can be pared with rum depends to a large extent on the kind of rum you like. Mostly, clear rum is used in mixed drinks while dark rum is used for direct consumption. These dark rums have a deeper flavor and they are also sweet because they get a good amount of their coloring from molasses.

The best cigar that will go with dark rum is Maduro because they also have the same sweetness to it. These cigars are cured to have a dark coloration and this process also results in a mild sweetness that will go well with the sweetness of the dark rum.

Scotch and Fine Cigars

Scotch and fine cigars are a magical combination because both the drink and the cigar have a subtle element to it that makes this the best pair ever. Scotch is one of those rare drinks that have many mild elements to make it unique, so the cigar that should be paired with it should be of a mild and subtle flavor. This will ensure that the flavor of the cigar does not overpower the complex flavor of the scotch. It is a good idea to choose fine cigars that have anise or nut flavors to go well with the scotch.

Cognac and Little Cigars

Cognac is a flavorful spirit with vanilla, nuts and floral notes being the common flavors that you can find in a cognac. Though these are mostly subtle flavors, it is a good idea to avoid over-powering cigar flavors to go with it. Rather, you should choose cigars that complement them like little cigars. These little cigars are small cigars that come with different filters, so they are not only easy to hold, but also these cigars will complement the cognac without being overpowering.

In short, choosing the right cigar and spirit pairing can help you to enjoy a good drink and a long smoke and the pairings described above can go a long way in making your winters more enjoyable.

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