Cheap Trophies On The Rise

When cheap is not always a bad thing

When we think about the word cheap we instantly bring to mind plastic, second-hand, refurbished or Made In China. Mass production of every imaginable product in existence has forced suppliers to slash their prices. Cheap labour in Asian markets (but also in Western countries) has enabled manufacturers to minimise costs. We should all think that this is a good thing but there is always truth to the phrase “You get what you pay for”.

I remember a friend of mine who once bought a brand new Skoda car. As they are manufactured in the Czech Republic where labour and material costs are much cheaper than most other countries, the price tags were always considerably reduces when compare to other models and brands. When the body started to rust after less than 2 years and my friend went to the showroom to complain, he was left speechless when the salesman blurted out “What do you expect from a car that is worth xxx amount?”

Many mistakes have been made in the past with buying yourselves or other people cheap products, believing that they would be worth the money. Unfortunately, more often than not, price really does mean quality and you normally will receive more years of service with designer brand than you would with cheap imitations.

However, many suppliers in our part of the world have started to realise that to be able to compete with Asian countries, for example, they would need to source cheaper options, such as materials and minimise labour costs. The result has seen a boom in cheap product sales without compromising quality or endurance.

One of the products which has seen a steep rise in sales is Cheap Trophies, which are always needed for some occasion or other and which are meant to represent an acknowledgement of achievement. The physical trophy itself is the ultimate recognition and is an important asset to possess. There is no reason, however, to spend hundreds of pounds on one single trophy when you can get an almost identical one for a fraction of the price and still have a trophy worth presenting and receiving without having to blush.

Using recycled materials has enabled most trophy manufacturers and suppliers to dramatically reduce their costs and offer the consumer cheaper alternatives without sacrificing quality or durability. Watch out China, you now have competition!

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