Try Off Roading For Your Next Team Building Day

Team building days are a great way to help staff bond and create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork amongst workers.

In addition they can be useful for managers because they can often highlight natural leaders and help managers to understand the different strengths their staff possess.

However, team building days can often fill workers with dread because they will be asked to do things they don’t want to know or spend all day completing seemingly pointless tasks (if you’ve ever built a bridge out of paper and then tried to rest your shoe on it at work you’ll know exactly what I mean!).

So instead of a dry and boring day that could cause your staff to feel undervalued and annoyed. Why not combine team building with staff rewards and take your workers to an exciting off-roading adventure.

How Can Off-Roading Help my Team to Bond?

Off-roading is a fantastic activity that most people would be delighted to have a go at, but how can off-roading help your team to bond?

Well, firstly you can split your staff into teams to compete against each other in driving challenges. This is a great way of getting staff to work together as a group discussing strategies and end goals, which is a skill that can then be transferred into business practices.

In addition, teaming up for off-roading challenges is a great way for staff to spend time together out of the office and get to know more about each other. I’m not saying that colleagues need to be best friends but a certain level of friendliness and familiarity can be good for business because once you get to know someone on a personal level you tend to be more considerate about how you treat them as a colleague.

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When staff are all familiar with the end goal of a business and feel that their contribution is valued then they are far more likely to want to do a good job so taking your staff on an exciting day out is a great way of saying thank you and showing them that you appreciate all their hard work.

How Can Off-Roading Help Me?

An activity like off-roading can help staff to develop communication skills that they may not necessarily have and give them an opportunity to show what they can do. Often in team building days such as this natural leaders emerge but they’re not always the people you would assume. Team building is a great way of seeing skills in your staff that you may not have discovered otherwise and seeing which staff you think have the potential and desire to grow with the company.

Tina arranged an off roading trip for team building in her business. She used to help plan her adventure!

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