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Ties are a staple ingredient to a successful suit, tux, or just a classy outfit your looking to improve. Ties can say a lot about a person so choosing the right tie for you is a great investment. You can have your standard tie, a skinny tie, a clip-on tie, and bow ties. All of these ties have their uses so it mostly comes down to personal preference over the kind of tie that you would like to wear

Standard Tie

The standard tie has been around for hundreds of years. It must be tied by yourself and there are a few different ways to do such. There is the Four in Hand, Pratt, Half Windsor, and Double Windsor knot. The Four In Hand knot is the easiest knot to tie however, it may not lead to the best results. If you have the time and your looking for a classy knot, the Double Windsor knot will definitely give you the best results. The standard tie is something that you can’t go wrong with and will always produce good results from awards ceremony‚Äôs to weddings.

Bow Tie

Bow Ties are a unique type of tie and are not usually worn as much as traditional ties. Bow ties are worn for formal evening events such as black tie dinners. Bow ties are a great way to make a fashion statement and are not just associated with nerdy academias. These can be worn for any type of formal event and you will most certainly stand out wearing one.

Skinny Tie

Skinny Ties are a great way to make a statement and any man needs at least one in his closet. These are very stylish and a great thing to wear out to a club or bar, and yet they are still suitable to wear in the workplace as well. These are very versatile ties. The four in hand knot is certainly the way to go when tying these ties as they have little bulk and fit the skinny style perfectly.


Clip-on ties are a fast way to get out the door, wake up in the morning clip it on to your collar and go. No need to worry about tying the tie and you can still look good. Recently zip up ties have also made an appearance. Zip up ties also feature a collar on the tie where as, typically, clip-on ties do not feature a collared portion that ties around your neck. Either tie is suitable for a work environment however, wearing them to a formal event is not recommended.

Ties are an integral part of every outfit and if you mess up the tie you just messed up the whole entire thing. Not only do you have to pay attention to the style of tie but also to the appearance of the tie itself. It must match the rest of your suit or outfit. Make sure that you are up to date and looking sharp at your next event!

Thomas Chavez

Professional Content Writer and Tie Enthusiast for ThinkTies.com

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