Throw an Unforgettable Bridal Shower: An Around the Clock Bridal Shower

You may have already heard, maybe even from your grandmother, about an “Around the Clock Bridal Shower.” This kind of shower is a timeless choice for brides and is a lot of fun to not only attend, but to put together. The whole process begins with sending out around the clock bridal shower invitations and then the party really begins.

What is the Point of an Around the Clock Shower?

This type of shower was created essentially to help the bride-to-be to avoid receiving too many duplicate gifts. With more traditional showers, the soon-to-be Misses could end up with three waffle irons and will then need to go exchange the extras. Instead of dealing with all that added stress in the weeks leading up to the ceremony, an around the clock party will split up your guests’ presents into multiple times of day that they must abide by.

In other words, on the invitation you will choose a time for each guest. That guest will then need to purchase their gift with that time of day in mind. Someone who is assigned 12 p.m. may get a Panini maker while someone who was given 8 a.m. can get coffee mugs. This greatly reduces the risk of receiving duplicate gifts. The bride will really appreciate this theme.

The Planning Process

Now that you know your theme, and you have chosen your invitations, it is time to work on the guest list. When getting the guest list from the bride, try to keep her in check and keep the list at a manageable size. If the guest list becomes length, then you should seek the assistance of another family member, friend, or bridesmaid to help cover the costs of the shower. You will want to have enough people to spread out across the various times of day, though.

Once the guest list is established, you need to assign the times. This should be included in the invitations. It is completely to your digression how you want to do this, either by assigning actual hours (8 a.m., 12 p.m., 5 p.m.) or more general terms such as “lunch,” “bed time,” or “cocktail hour.” Either option could be fun. Also think about whether or not you want to include the very late night hours for some spicy gifts as well—this will all depend on the bride. Also, ask in the invitations that guest mark their gifts with the time they were assigned outside of the gift so that the bride can go through the entire day unwrapping presents.

There are tons of great around the clock bridal shower invitations that you can choose from and this theme will surely be a great time for all involved.

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