Things Guests Should Never Do When Requesting Songs During A Wedding Reception

As the part where the bride and groom get to celebrate their union with family, friends and colleagues, the wedding reception means food, music and dancing. Nothing sets the tone, energizes the celebration, heighten romance and encourage guests to conquer the dance floor during the reception than a good selection of music. For these reasons and more, it isn’t surprising to know that a lot of couples spend a good part of their wedding budget on a professional live wedding band or DJ to entertain their guests.

No matter how great the band or DJ is when doing their job, however, different things can still go wrong during the reception when a guest or two tries to request songs in a not-so pleasant way. So if you’re invited to a wedding, and your heart is set to celebrate the night away, remember not to do any of these things when requesting a song to the band or DJ to avoid making a blunder.

Don’t be discourteous

Entertaining people of different ages and creating a fun environment where everyone gets to enjoy the music is a tough job to accomplish. So it could really be a downer if a guest is mean or aggressive. If you are to request a song, do it nicely. It will also be best if you wait for a break between songs so that the band or DJ will be able to accommodate you properly. They would also appreciate it if you thank them after the song you’ve requested was played.

Don’t be touchy-feel near the stage or DJ booth

More often than not, live bands and DJs carry their own equipment to the reception venue. And keep in mind that those gears don’t come cheap. So when making a request, don’t go near the stage or the booth and touch the equipment or wave your food or drink around. If you accidentally hit something or, worse, spill your drink, not only will you damage the equipment, you’ll also create an awkward moment that can ruin the whole program.

Don’t flirt with the DJ or the members of the band

It is a fact that weddings are notorious pick-up spots, but it’s not a reason for you to hit on the DJ or one of the members of the band. Remember they are there for business and approaching them to make a song request, then chatting up with them while they do their job isn’t included in the contract that the bride and groom had paid for. Not only is it annoying, it is also disrespectful for the couple hosting the event.

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Don’t sing the tune of the song you’d like to request

If you can’t remember the title of the song that you would like to hear, don’t attempt to come up to the booth or near the stage and sing the tune. Doing this will only distract the band or DJ from their work. Hence, know the title of the song you’d like to hear first before making a request.

Don’t hang around until your song is played

Live wedding bands and DJs prepare a playlist or music mix that is good to go. This playlist or mix is based on the couple’s song choices, so they have to be followed. Therefore, if you make a request, don’t expect to hear the song immediately. Even worse, don’t stick around the stage or booth and wait for the song to be played. Instead, trust the professional instincts of the musicians and give them time to prepare. That way, they’ll be able to expertly squeeze in your request and play it in a cool way that you least expect.

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