The Path To Being A Legendary Best Man

Are you ready to take the path to fame, glory and destiny? The role of best man is not for every man, that is for certain. Just as not every man is ready to choose between the red pill and the blue pill, as Neo did to find The Matrix. But look at how well he did with that choice! And we’re quite confident that you – set along the path of being a legendary best man can do quite well. Well, that is with a tad of guidance from us.

Have a good memory. The best man needs to be the eyes and ears for the groom at all times. Getting married (we’re going to assume here that you’re single), is kind of a stressful time for most. Don’t get us wrong – you get to spend the rest of your life with the woman you love, so it isn’t all that bad. But when your fiance comes to you in tears over the orchids she’s ordered that haven’t worked out, you’d better remember what type of orchids were ordered. Or she’s going to go absolutely nu-cl-ear about it. If its important to the bride – she’s going to think it is just as important to the groom. That legendary best man will lean over and whisper “Cymbidium, man. Cymbidium.”

Have a bad memory too. Now this is where the really legendary best men show their true colors. Anything the groom does on the stag do – whether it is kiss the stripper or dance with some beauty in the pubs – you need to keep a stiff upper lip. The smart best man knows there is a big, big difference between having a little fun at your stag do and actually stepping out on your sweetie. Another time the best man should have a bad memory? Closer to the wedding, grooms have been known to get cold feet. This is very common and – most don’t know this – but brides get this too. Keep it to yourself, that’s being a great best man, truly legendary.

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Be ready for anything – from start to finish. Want to be known as that legendary stag do? There is just one thing you’ll need to do – and your name will be written across the heavens in pure gold. Its to be prepared for just about anything. Its actually simpler than it sounds. Because somehow when people plan to get married, they seem to lose a lot of their common sense. They forget to check the weather to see if it going to rain the night of their rehearsal dinner, and should they get umbrellas for everyone. They need someone to pick up their sweet old Great Aunt Millie at the airport because she forgot to order a taxi to get her. Just try to think ahead as plans are being made and think, “how could I be helpful to wedding planning or this next event?” and your name will be given to their firstborn. Better yet, the bride will spend all of the wedding praising you – and you’ll likely have your pick of those pretty, giggly bridesmaids. Now that will truly make you the legendary best man!

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