The Music Festival Experience

Music festivals are the highlights of the summer season for music fans. They enjoy spending full weekends outdoors listening to their favorite bands and hearing new ones for the first time. Attending the Reading or Coachella Festival is like going on a camping trip with thousands of potential new friends. The only orders of the day are being friendly and reveling in the experience.

For First-Timers

Festivals are not for everyone. They can be hot and crowded. Some people start out by going to single-day festivals. Many cities host free music events at various points over the summer. Free festivals are great because people can come and go freely without worrying about re-entry. The bands will probably not be well-known, but the atmosphere and sense of community at events like this are just as important as the music. Around major holidays, radio stations hold day-long festivals that are essentially really long concerts. These events feature performances by artists who have received a lot of airplay recently.

Famous Festivals

Not all festivals involve weekend camping. The Bamboozle Festival consists of several days of non-stop performances, but attendees have to go home after dark. They can buy tickets for individual days or passes for the whole weekend. Each day ends with a major headlining act. There are performances by less popular bands throughout the day on small stages near the main one.

Touring festivals are popular with fans of alternative and indie music. They know that brand new bands are given the opportunity to play early in the day. Alternative fans love discovering great new bands before anyone else does, so they attend the Warped Tour in droves. The Warped Tour is largely associated with pop-punk and ska bands, though mainstream pop acts like Katy Perry have traveled with the tour in the past.

Many young people become politically conscious as a result of attending festivals. Volunteers from various organizations collect names for mailing lists and hand out literature. Attendees are immersed in the overall cultures of their favorite music genres.

DIY Festivals

Sometimes musicians and music fans work together to organize small festivals featuring local artists. To keep costs low, someone will have to volunteer his or her backyard. Guests can be asked to bring potluck dishes or beverages or pay a small entry fee. Setting up the sound system will be the hardest part of organizing this event. A DJ or recording studio technician may have to be hired, which is why guests must pay to attend the festival, even if they are friends with the host.

If any of the bands have large followings, the organizers of the event should consider aligning themselves with a local charity. The connection to a charity may persuade organizations to donate their facilities and resources. Vendors can be recruited to sell food. These proceeds combined with the door money will be a boon to any charity. A festival that brings in a lot of money can become an annual event. It can expand to include other forms of creativity.

Artists should be invited to display and sell their work. Jewelry makers can set up tables alongside tarot card readers. Poets can read in between bands or set up their own miniature stages. This is how a festival becomes more than a singular event. It brings people together and celebrates the creative spirit.

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