Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a popular one for traveling and parties because most people have Memorial Day off of work.  So, this means that it is a three day weekend for most people throughout the country and it’s the perfect opportunity to relax and get away from mundane activities.  Because Memorial Day is one of the first holidays when the weather is nice, many people take advantage of it to do something outdoors.  Many people like to travel and go on short vacations over this holiday.  Other people stay home and have parties and other get-togethers with their family or friends.

Keep in mind that Memorial Day weekend is also very dangerous if you’re not extremely careful.  The amount of alcohol consumption usually increases on this holiday, thus there are more people who may be driving while intoxicated.  Law enforcement usually gives out a lot of DUI citations over Memorial Day weekend.  So, here are some things you should do to remain safe over the holiday weekend.

Don’t Drink and Drive

One of the first things you should remember to do is to not drink and drive.  Most parties will include alcohol, so you need to make sure and drink responsibly, especially if you are planning on driving after the party.  A good idea is to have a designated driver so that you and your friends can get home safely.  No one wants a DUI on their record, and they also do not want to be involved in a serious accident.  If you do happen to get a DUI then you should hire a criminal defense as soon as possible.  Having an attorney will help you through the complex process of this type of charge.

Another safety tip for the holiday weekend is to try and avoid driving on the roads if at all possible.  There is a lot of traffic over Memorial Day weekend.  The roads are usually very congested and the chance of being in an accident increases.  So, try to avoid the roads as much as possible.  Try to travel on off-peak hours, like earlier in the day.  This will help you avoid an accident on the road.  Also, try to not drive late at night, as there are more chances of drunk drivers at night.

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Prepare for Emergencies

If you are traveling over Memorial Day weekend, then you should make sure and be prepared for emergencies on the road.  If you are doing a road trip then you should have extra food and water in your car in case you get stuck on the road or have car problems.  Also, you should make sure and have a map in the car, and other supplies, to assist you if you get lost.

These tips will help keep you safe over the holiday.  Keeping in mind that if things do get out of hand, seeking some legal help could be a necessity.  Memorial Day weekend should be a time to enjoy a holiday and to relax with your friends and family.  It is best to avoid problems by being prepared and safe at all times.

Micah Castro is a freelance writer for Mesa criminal defense lawyer, Charlie Naegle, who has dedicated his career to helping those with criminal charges.

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