Planning Your Wedding on a Budget:

If you are trying to plan your wedding on a budget, then there are things you can do to make the most of your funds.  You can be working to ensure that your budget stretches from flowers to the catering.  Check out some of the best budgeting tricks and expenses you may have forgotten about!

Budgeting Tricks:

  1. Find a rental company that actually works for you!  A good wedding rentals company can save you on your special day, helping you stay within your budget requirements.  Shop around and find companies offering flat fees, no laundering fee, or companies that don’t charge delivery fees.  There are great ways to save a few dollars!  If you don’t’ have the linens for your tables, rent them.   They have every wedding color and will help dress up your event.  It will save you tons, in money and time if your tables are well dressed and don’t require washing afterwards.
  2. When narrowing down your flower arrangements; consider a few tips from the pros.  Use more greenery than flowers, they will stay fresh all day and cost you significantly less.  Don’t use flowers that cost an arm and a leg!  Stay away from peonies or other expensive flowers.  Stick to just a couple basic flowers, narrowing down what goes in the bouquet will save you plenty of money!  Make sure the flowers you are picking are actually in season!
  3. Save on your cake! Order a small cake for you to cut, but supplement the guests with a sheet cake you have in the kitchen.  Don’t expect your 9 layered cake to divide up among your guests.  Consider other add-ons to the desert ideas, you don’t have to provide your guests with cake, or designer cupcakes; be original.  Don’t put in exotic fillings in your cake, if you get one, stick with the basics.
  4. There are also ways to save some green on the reception or party.  You can cut the guest list, this saves on invites, centerpieces, chairs needed, and food costs!  If it’s not an option, you can keep the guests.  Think about when you are planning your special day, if you avoid June, you could save a lot!  Peak times and heavily booked seasons are going to cost more. December is going to be filled with Holiday party competition at every venue, so really consider your date! You can always hold your ceremony and reception in one location, which will save time traveling.
  5. Save on the table decoration and décor!  Shop in the off seasons for décor, or just clean out after holidays with corresponding colors.  Pick up dark vases in fall closeouts, or pick up pink things after Valentines, or Red after Christmas.  You should be planning your wedding for at least a couple weeks, so you probably can get away with this if you coordinate your colors to the materials you have to work with!

Almost for About…

  1. The wedding band or music set up.  This is so easy to forget until the event gets closer.  But this is a cost you want to make sure to incorporate into your budget.  Take into account the fees for booking the wedding band or DJ; make sure you have reserved a space with a stage.  Otherwise, you will need to have a place set up for the band to perform; preferably an elevated stage.  Remembering to do this, will allow you time to make special requests to songs or equipment for them to bring and make your special night memorable.
  2. Remember about your alterations and other fitting costs!  When you pick out the perfect dress, it may fit right into the budget you created.  If you are like most women, you shop for the dress knowing how much you are allowed to spend.  But don’t forget alterations, the cost of those vary depending on the change requested/ required.  If you dress has elaborate beading, hems and take-in’s can be expensive!  You can be spending over $500 for some alterations, but usually up to $100, so always use that as a factor!
  3. Did you remember the postage?  Mailing out the invitations that you just paid to have printed and/or designed now requires sending.  Don’t forget you are going to have to ship those out to friends and family across the way.  If your invitation is not a normal size, postage is more.  If your invite doesn’t lay flat because of rivets or ribbons, your postage will be more.  There are additionally, wedding stamps, luckily those won’t cost you any more than usual!
  4. Did you think about transportation? You have probably already considered where the guests are parking.  You have planned how you are coming and going.  But did you think about the hired help?  Check with the rental companies you use if there are fees for transporting items, if they bill on a per-item cost or just flat fees.  These are important things to know before you have 150 chairs arrive for your special night.
  5. Other Factors to Consider: Is your vendor or caterer approved?  Some locations want an approved vendor and will charge you non-approved vendor fees.  They work this in as percentages, so it can become costly fast!  If your location has an approved list, use it.  Or find a location where the list doesn’t exist.  Clean up and break-down costs are usually factored in, but always remember to ask.  If you don’t see it in the paperwork, don’t feel dumb asking about the fees for clean-up.  Garbage removal at a venue can cost up to $300, general clean up is around $150-500.  Just make sure to read into everything and make sure you aren’t missing a cost!

Make Your Day Memorable:

There are a few things that you can cut out of the budget; there are also a few things you don’t want to cut out.  Remember that photographers can be expensive, but in a few years, it will be totally worth it. You don’t want to cut out the important things to you.

Make sure you don’t compromise your special day because of budget constraints!  There are plenty of ways to make your dreams come true and not break the bank!

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Lacie loves design and pursued a degree in design and marketing. She now works with local companies that provide wedding rentals in Utah where she writes, designs, and works with clients to build beautiful weddings.

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